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Yesturday saw another fraught day for the family - my side. They had recieved a letter saying that the police where no longer going to be persuing the unlawful killing verdict thing on my uncles death. So of course everyone assumed that the case was just being dropped but when they got to the meeting about it, it turned out it is being handed over to health and saftey making it a far hueger thing.

I again will not write any details as I do not want to affect the case in a negative way - but this is good as from what I saw the night he died just about everything was wronge. And something has to be done before even more people die unnessasarily.

Dad couldn't make it to the meeting as he had to go to the eye hospital for a check up on his laser surgery - he hadn't been sure weather they were going to be doing more then and there or not. But they looked at it all - one eye which has been lasered twice is absolutly fine but the other one is a bit of a concern and he has to go back in six weeks time to have it looked at again - if more blood vessels are growing he'll have to have a laser round the whole thing which they don;t really want to do - I assume there is some sort of rosk thing involved there with the amount of lasering they need to do but I dont really know.

Barbara also managed to have another fall at the weekend and so she was back at the drs on Tuesday (we met in the waiting room) and today she went for physio session for it. It would appear shes done something to the muscel that goes into the arm pit :/

I think that all thats currently going on.

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  • By Becca, Sun 22nd Mar 2009 @ 6:19 pm

    This is really good news re: your uncle etc. For the police/CPS to pursue a higher charge they must have some sort of evidence. At least now you will get some answers. Hugs!

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