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So we knew the roof of the workshop needed work - when we moved in we had to fix it to the actual walls! But what is left to be done on it needs a spat of dry weather when we are actually at home which has not happened this summer - this is also why there is still no grass in the little walled area!

It was just about holding up and then we had those strong winds that shredded the plastic membrane on the roof and it has leaked onto the grinder and welder 🙁 They may or may not be ok. Alaric's helmet also filled up with water and in the process of trying to dry it out it has gone moldy 🙁 We have shelving in the dinning area to dry out as well and Alaric has been up on the roof with help from my dad - trying to effect a short term fix to get us through the winter!

Alaric on the roof

He was out there in the freezing night earlier in the week to prevent anymore damage which was a bit hair raising - I got him pizza to warm up with!

They went out there armed with heavy duty plastic sheeting and lots of sealant.

Fingers crossed that next year will be dryer :/

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