New Years Eve At The Snell-Pym’s House (by )

We were gifted an X-Box Connect for Christmas but did not have a TV ours having died a death a few weeks previously and being an old one just for DVD watching anyway it still wouldn't have been any good. We looked at was best for playing this sort of thing on and I took the money I had been saving for a new camera, my birthday money and Jean's vouchers she had gotten for her birthday - Al put in some money too and we went and got ourselves a new TV from the super market whilst doing our food shop.

Of course we then couldn't get all of us and the TV in the car so I had to walk home (40 mins) - it was tough as I didn't have my stick with me but I managed it! I couldn't talk when I got back but it was worth it! a) this means I am improving again and b) the TV is fantastic!

So we set the X-Box up and WOW! We hadn't really been following electronic gaming as we thought we wouldn't be able to afford a system for a good long time yet so it has been just amazing! It had already been suggested to me that I should get a Wii or something for physio therapy purposes and now I see why!

This is jean on one of the games

On tippy toes Crouched down Arms behind me! Oh Yeah! Star Jump Step.. step forward stomp stomp

We can NOT thank Santa enough for this present!

Alaric spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to extract a half edited novel and a completed poetry book off of one of my old laptops for me - unfortunately it didn't work but he says there are still a few things he can try.

Alaric fixing a laptop or not

We had a take away Pizza as I am giving pizza up until I lose some weight! And watched Bill and Ted on the new TV and again just WOW! It was fantastic - I sat and knitted and the girls snugged with Daddy and we all agreed that To Be Excellent To Each Other is a good thing to aspire too. Jean's comment at the end when Rufus says they will get better was, 'Well they will, Mummy has' 🙂

Alaric and the girls

Mary was very excited to be dressing up in a pretty dress, the little angel outfit we were given for Jean when she was little.

I'm an angel

She is a rougie type of angel, playing rough and tumble with her sister and attempting to steal Christmas Cake!

Good as gold Cheeky sister snug Sister rough and tumble Eating cherub Baby Mary dancing to the Christmas Clock

She ended up being a very sleepy angel

Sleepy Angel

We then all played on the X-Box again after which we played one of my favourite board games Elixir which is about wizards 🙂

Playing Elixir

At midnight we rushed into the garden and banged our pots and rang our bell and fire works went off all around us and the neighbours started singing in their house - very loud and merry in serbian whilst we shouted Happy New Year and hugged and watched fire lanterns whilst humming Old Langsi.

We then popped the tired Mary in bed and played the board game until Jean was too tired and then me and Al blogged about our year and discussed our plans for the next year. Oh and we had a home made veggi sushi supper and White Knight with Peppermint Candy Cains 🙂

White Knight and Candy Cain


  • By jo, Thu 3rd Jan 2013 @ 2:07 pm

    Happy new year and all that! hope it brings you that you need. Did you hear the programme on the radio on the Tailor of Gloucester? Not quite as good as the one a few years ago about the myths behind midnight on Christmas eve. I thought of your little tale when I heard it!

  • By sarah, Thu 3rd Jan 2013 @ 5:49 pm

    No I didn't but I've been to few local history events and walks and things which is were I picked some of it up from 🙂

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