Snow Garden (by )

More snow fell after I took the pics and I regret not having gone out with the birthday money sooner and gotten my camera as it ment I was restricted to the half an hour of Al getting ready for work and his smart phone! However I did discover that the broken camera still records film ok so I did take some vids of the girls which I will attempt to process later on!

Ice Planet

I made Al stop to take a pic of him as he left for work but alsa the camera went with him!

Alaric in the Snow

But here is what I got! None of the kids paying sadly 🙁 Though it turned out Mary hated the snow where as Jean spent hours out in the garden making snow angels and just walking around in it, sticking it too the walls etc... I made soup out of frozen veg in the freezer, and then Mary went down for her nap so I ended up building a snow man with Jean and having a snow fight where we both got covered!

Pussy Cat sheltering from the Snow Windchimes in the Snow Blue plant pot in the snow Garden Snow Net Snow Snow Hammock Christmas Tree Bird house in snow Snowy bird House The Snow Mesh Rainbow Snow Iced plant post and bunting Plant pots in the snow Potting up area in the snow Snow Crystals Snow Star

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