Christmas 2010 (I think) (by )

I think this is 2010 and that for actual Christmas we went down to Essex for dinner at my parents house but these are photos of our Solcist meal and general festiveness.

Pink and red Christmas

Jean and Al playing with the marble run.

Festive marble run fun

King Alaric at the washing up again

King Alaric in is his marigolds

Garlic Bread - as in bread with garlic gloves in it 🙂

garlic bread

Jeany sort of setting the table

Getting ready for the solcist

Jean decorating the MK 2 of The Little Book of Festive Poetry - I spent ages printing out out the sheets and glueing the words onto the pictures as the laptop I had couldn't cope with me trying to do things with large files!

Jean decorating her new poetry book

It snowed and I remember playing with Jean outside and me and Al taking it in turns!

Snowy Daddy

Tom and Jean 🙂

Jean entertaining cat

Jean really could not get enough of being outside in the snow!

Jean ready for her walk

It was the first year we found a yard of Jaffa Cakes!

Daddy and his yard of jaffa cakes

Jean ran off with them 🙂

Jean with the yard of jaffa cakes

Sleepy Jean after all the fun 🙂

Sleepy Jean

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  • By alaric, Sat 9th Feb 2013 @ 7:02 pm

    That pic of Jean and I with the marble run is us making the adding-and-subtracting marbles machine when I helped with her home schooling due to the school being shut in the snow, I think!

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