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Monster Feet

After Mary's belated birthday party we had two of Jean's friends stay over for the first ever sleep over which was fun for them but did result in a wee-wee incident and a bedroom you could no longer see the floor of!

Jeany was a little pedant and when I'd told the kids to move the luandary from the bottom bunk so the kids could sleep - I unthinkingly told Jean to move 'All her cloths' so they emptied the wardrobe and draws too but left the baby's cloths in place :/

After they went we did a bit of a clear up and Alaric went off to finish his ladder. Jean and my friend Charlee who had also stayed disappeared off and our garden was suddenly infested by giant pandas! I think it was a mummy and a baby!

Cheeky panda!

As we can see they had a good time.

Jeany bean the panda Little tail and little feet Panda cuases devistation in Snell-Pym garden Panda Jean Panda and babes Jean and the Giant Panda Panda heading towards Jean Giant Panda attacks Alaric Serious drinking panda

I especially like this photo of the baby panda!

Panda! Panda Cool

And this one of the big panda hugging the girls 🙂

Panda Charlee and the girls

Mary found a little LED flashing ring that Jean had bought at a festival and she would not put it down!

Mary and the glowing ring

My mum has been knitting Jeany a rainbow jacket for ages and Sunday was the day of trying it on - Jean loved it so much she refused to take it off even though it is not yet finished!

Cheeky Jean in her almost finished rainbow jacket

Rainbow knitting Jean and her coat of many colours

Mary was very excited to be the bell ringer for lunch time 🙂

Mary ringing the lunch bell

She had a great day of opening presents and cards and exploring the garden in the lovely sunshine which we had all so missed!

Mary on a mission

Mary opening her cards


  • By jo, Thu 21st Feb 2013 @ 10:04 am

    love that rainbow cardigan.

  • By sarah, Sat 23rd Feb 2013 @ 9:03 am

    It's not finished yet - Jean keeps insisting on wearing it!

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