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Graphic Novel/Comic Here We Come! (by )

As anyone who follows me on social networks will have seen, I have been promoting a kick starter for a Comic Book Convention in Cheltenham. Today is their last day - they have reached their funding goal and are ready to roll but there is still time to book a ticket today and get all the fun extras :)

For the kick starter click here.

I am quiet excited about this - the convention will happen next year and there will be a comic book/graphic novel show casing on my stall :) There will be The Little Books and prints of my art work and stuff like that, but the thing I am really excited about is the graphic novel/comic book I have been working on for the last few years.

The whole series started as The Punk In Pink and was a seat of your pants writing madness I did for NaNoWriMo. I started the graphic novel in the April after my first NaNo as part of a script writing challenge run by the same people - I decided to go for a graphic novel script but as always found that doing a straight story board worked much better for me than scripts. The novels started off in the middle of the story where as the comic starts at the beginning of Punk's story or as she is known then Punku.

Since then the stories have grown and there are three stories series plus the graphic novel work and short stories and flash fictions set in the same universe which I have been posting on Magenta Monster.

Anyway - basically I am going to be working on getting the art work sorted for the first 'comic book' Revolations which is the first part of Babbel (which is the story arch and will make up the nice hard back graphic novel type thingy).

I will be doing my own Sponsume (like a kickstarter - I did one for my sci-art thing a couple of years ago), to raise money for the initial printing run. I know a few of you are desperate for me to do more wiggly pet stories but I'm not sure it is fair to do two such projects at once but I am open to suggestions!

July’s to-do’s 2013 (by )

July is another of what I term a FiMo (Finishing Month) for me and I am attempting to move ahead with projects that have been sitting there started but not completed. Mainly I am trying to push ahead on all the books I have at almost publication stage starting with a flash fiction collection called A Flash of Magenta. This will be a collection of the stories I've written for Friday Flash a community of writers who share a piece of fiction with each other and the world every Friday.

Issue being that though I have always written a story for Friday not all of them have made it onto the blog due to internet down time etc... so I am trying to type all of them up and edit them etc... for inclusion.

It is also Camp Nano this month - this is like a summer version of the November write a novel in a month challenge. I really don't think I will have time to write 50K words but do plan to try and sort out and finish of other already started noveling efforts.

I also have two lots of festival workshops to organise, a wedding to attend, a photo comp to enter and so on.

NaNo Finishing Party 2012 (by )

Queen of the NaNo

We were at a wedding the day of the Gloucestershire NaNoWriMo Thank Goodness It Is All Over Party. But Sunday Alaric finished everything he could on the leaky workshop, we'd done a bit of house decorating with the kids and it was raining - we needed to go to Costco which is in Bristol so we thought - hey! We can make it to their NaNo finishing party and so we did :)

Jeany decided that she would have her own party at home with Ferfer (my dad) and watch films, Alaric who did not reach 50 K was desperate to get a chance at more noveling and so sat at the party writing :)

I think we both are struggling with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) being over as is my Dad and Jean. Sunday I got up early to get my pre-kid writing in so as to boost my word count and it was only once I'd opened the laptop and sat down with tea in hand that I realised 'Damn! NaNo's over isn't it? This is December!', Dad and Jean can both be found scribbling in notebooks when ever the chance arises and Alaric too has been glued to his laptop - this is not unusual but every time I ask him what he is doing he is working on his novel :)

Of course this is exactly what I was hoping for - I use NaNo and the other writing challenges to help me keep up momentum on project which I struggle with.

We also got to catch up with some friends and I may have ended up singing light opera in the pub :/

Still trying to finish his NaNoWriMo novel Alaric at the finishing party

NaNo Triumphs! (by )

Jean aged 7 with her nanowrimo note book, Hello Kitty Necklace and head masters award sticker!

Today marks the end of a month of madness where me and Alaric attempted to write a novel each in a month. I broke the 70, 000 barrier and am on the last part of the novel, Alaric who was using it to get back into writing has about 16, 000 words - well short of the 50K you need to win but considering how hectic this month has been for him plus the leaking roof in his workshop/writing space this is an amazing achievement. We have raised a bit of money for charity in doing so and Jeany has produced her very own illustrated story, for which she has won a hello kitty writing necklace.

Jean's Note Book for NaNoWriMo and her Hello Kitty Writing Necklace

She was inspired by the note book which our friend Ulrike sent her and the story is called The Castle of Animals (which turns out to be a series but this is just the first story!). It is no where near as many words as she wrote last year but there was lots of behind the scenes stuff like character development and plot this time - her hand writing is not at it's best but this is a fun project and not school and she is going to be typing it up later on anyway so I decided not to push that one!

First page of The Castle of Animals

2nd page of The Castle of Animals

3rd page of The Castle of Animals

4th page of The Castle of Animals

Last Page of The Castle of Animals

Next year we are roping my dad in as well - he came to the Bristol write-in with me yesterday where he did a whole page of his satire that he's been writing and he is a slow writer and we were all chatting so this was an incredible feat for him! Of course he also managed to get friended by a very friendly drunk actor who was excited about the concept of writers which was really very funny :)

Writing Retreat (by )

Writing treats at a writing space retreat

Yesterday I went to my first ever writers retreat, a one day affair run by Writing Space Stroud. It was held at the Stroud Valley Artspace which is a little tucked away set of studios and performance space. I arrive about 10 minutes early in the fear of not being able to locate it but it turned out to be the place I had performed poetry for the Stroud Site Festival.

The lady who was running it was setting out books in a smallish room set out with tables including the lovely refreshments in the photos. There were home baked cookies and cakes as well including a dairy and gluten free one which made me very happy.

After being made welcome I made a bee line for a purple table and set up my laptop. Others began arriving and we had a brief bout of introductions and hot drink pouring before we settled down to write. Before hand we had been sent forms to fill in, what we were looking to get out of the retreat and goal setting etc... as I am doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) my goals were simply to boost my word count and maybe to start planning the third novel of The Godex Trilogy. Now I broke the 50, 000 word barrier a while ago but am looking to do 90, 000 words before the end of November so I set myself a minimum of 5000 words and maybe a good stab at getting 10, 000 which is what I think is actually my physical limit for day.

I managed 8627 words at the retreat, got to chat to other local writers and had constant tea and coffee. There was impromptu stretching during the lunch hour which was very relaxing. I got to look at lots of different books on writing styles and methods. There was no reading out of work or anything like that we all just got on with our projects without the distractions of children and the internet. I even put my phone in the special phone box so that I wouldn't be tempted. I was so energised by the friendly atmosphere that when I got home Alaric cooked me dinner, put a film on for the kids and banned them from talking to me so that I could finish off the 10, 000 before I eat.

A really good thing is that there is a section on the forms to help keep the momentum up after the retreat which I shall be attempting :)

The retreat cost £20 which was basically cost price. I thought it was great and am hoping to do another one or send Al on one for his novel - people were writing a complete mix from poetry to PhD proposals. I personally am now on over 70, 000 words for my novel and am excited at the prospect of being this close to a target I thought pretty much impossible at the beginning of the month with all the other things I had booked to do!

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