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I won't go into the details, but a slip of the mind while juggling my partitions around to try to get the machine booting again has resulted in me accidentally laying a new root partition that overlaps my home directory partition.

After newfs-ing the new root partition, then realising my mistake, I've found that the home partition is still mountable, but a little worse for wear for having had cylinder group headers and backup superblocks and whatnot dropped all over it (but, thankfully, no file data since it's RIGHT at the end of the disk).

I've got an old backup, and I've been gingerely picking around the remnants of the filesystem (having dd-ed it to a file and mounted it via a vnode device) and picking up stuff that's changed since the backup.

Ok, I've lost my archive of files I'd downloaded. Which is bearable. I didn't keep them backed up because they're huge.

But I've also lost the accounts for Ltd. I've got a version that's out of date, but now I've got to do a lot of cross-referencing other things to put back all the transactions that have happened since.

This will be mind-bogglingly dull. I'm not a happy bunny...

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