The Worm Has Turned, Yeti Mothers and Other Despotic Adventures of Cats (by )

Minni is always beating up He, always hunting her, specifically seeking her out to have a go. She corners the poor thing and holds her hostage for hours (if we dont realise whats going on). Minni tolerates H though, who she is quiet happy to sit on the bed next to. We've been musing that this may well be becuase H tends to trail Minni and still try to be friends, being the stupider of the kittens she doesnt get the message when Minni hisses at her. We think that perhapse H has somehow managed to endear herself to Minni in doing this puppy dog act.

However, the kittens are getting bigger and He is bright and a bit bigger than H and is getting fed up with Minni always pouncing her. I came down stairs to see a sleeping Minni being stalked by He! He then proceeded to attack Minni - It was interesting as He isnt quiet as big as Minni but is definatly braver and bolder. Poor Minni now sometimes waits for her food until the kittens have finished eating. Though she has uped her crumpy sneak attacks on both of them, in the hope they will go away.

Minni also watches the kittens play fight each other with avid interest - we think she's hoping one will kill the other as they have a tendency to come running if the others mewing - ie if Minni pounces one the other (well He not H who is a bit hippy) will come charging in to say her sister! We didnt think cats where supposed to have these types of relationships!

On a nother not the cats all love the Yeti outfit, I left it on the settee after we had washed it, Minni likes it so much she refused to take up her normal place on the bed last night! The kittens seem to think its Missy their mother, they really where trying to feed from it! It was really cute to watch. Missy is almost all white with just a few black spots so we think the kittens see the white fur and think Mummy! The fur though course to us would probably the same coursness as a mother cats fur is to a new born. They adore it, I vetoed Als suggestion of him sleeping in the outfit so that cats will come and pur on him. I said if he does that I'll cut nipple holes in it! He quailed and has decided to put the suit away. Though I am thinking of sorting out a fury off cut for them to sit on as they really do love the stuff!

Appart from that me and Al were getting a bit worried about He as she hadnt come in for her dinner or breakfast. We where just beginning to get concerned when she turned up. Babara then came round and asked if we'd missed He yesturday, I said yes we where just getting worried when she turned up. She then demanded to know why we hadnt told her the cat was missing for over 24 hrs! a) shes a cat and she does that sort of thing and b) we hadnt realised due to running off for training courses and what have you that she had been missing for that long. The poor thing had been locked in the garage!

Oh well shes safe now. I had assumed she was out hunting the cows in the fields! On the plus side she is now being very keen to be around us and be stroked 🙂

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