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No she isnt walking by herself yet but she can most definatly walk - she just walked a fair distance round the garden between me and Babara, with one opsy daisy due to the fact she was getting tired and decided she was going to crawl reguardless of the the adults holding onto her!

The not walking thing is holding her back at nursery though as they dont move you on untill you are a year old and can walk 🙁

This strange cos she stands up by herself and also has been edging along things for a long time now - she stood up before she started crawling. Maybe like with the crawling she needs a proper insentive - ie didnt show any interest in crawling until kittens appeared then zoom she was off!

Sigh - oh well her language developement is good so maybe she's just concentrating on that at the moment!

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  • By Charlee, Tue 21st Nov 2006 @ 4:14 pm

    Or perhaps she's a perfectionist 😉 A friend of mine's sister hadn't started saying words, long after the desirable time, and was tested numerous times for hearing defects, learning defects etc, to try and ascertain why she wasn't speaking. Then one day, she started speaking full sentences, coherently and perfectly. She was and still is a perfectionist. Perhaps Jean is scared to walk unaided until she is 100% sure that she can do it perfectly? Or perhaps she's scared of falling? Could you take her to a swimming pool, that's very shallow, and get her to walk with the water supporting her? She might then have some more confidence that she doesn't need her hands held?

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