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Jean knows what shoes are for, when Al was changing her there was an odd shoe on the changing table - she picked it up handed it to Al and stuck her leg in the air - of course it was the wrong foot she was offering him but still!

She also got really excited when I got a pair of shoes out shes never seen before - she recognised them and instantly started trying to ram her feet into them - the discovery that they where too small upset her grately as she didnt realise I was getting another pair and thought I was just taking the shoes away before she had been for a walk!

She also now points at mine and Als shoes when she wants to walk!

The other interesting thing is that she has worked out either that you are supposed to wear cloths or that they make you warmer - when we are doing the morning wash and nappy change if she can reach her clean cloths - she will hand them to us one by one and then start head butting or kicking them in an effort to put them on!

Silly little baby - she did look cute on her walk today though and she was grinning delightedly - I normally walk her on my own so dont get to see that she loves it - I thought I might be impossing it on her but now I feel much better!

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  • By Flo, Mon 27th Nov 2006 @ 1:01 am

    Cutie photos please!

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