Having a Bad Day (by )

First off the flood damage was a liddle more extensive than we had realised, secondly it turned out there has been some confusion over the insurance in that Barbara had apparently started a claim also for the Bakary contence 🙁

We didn't realise she had contence insurance and it was only becuase it was the same company that came to deal with us as my insurance had said was coming that this became apparent.

We realised something was up when we'd just sent the guy off with an excess cheque and checked our paper work to discover that we had already paid automatically on oour policy - a quick phone calll/emial later and the mistake of two claims became apparent. Then come to the explaining to Barbara that it doesn't matter that a couple of bits of furniture were her's there can't be two claims for the same thing.

Unfortunatly all the assessment that went ahead this morning was on her policy which she has since cancelled - so we're waiting to her from the company (as its the same one both insuriers use) as to weather they have to come out and do exactly the same thing again 🙁

Also apparently Barbara is upset that we have decided to get rid of the bed setee even though the matrice got absolutely sodden and it smells quiet bad.

Then too the insect bits - me and Alaric are absolutely covered in them and they are painful and every time we turn round there are more of them. We think its becuase there is now bright sunshine and lots of festy water about for them to breed in - we are considering moving into the tent!

I'm afraid I did get very annoyed when after sorting all this insurance out the guy to fix the waterfall tunnel turned up and in moving the furniture without checking Barbara managed to destroy one of the glasses my friend Helen got us for our wedding. It would be one of a set wouldn't it :'(

Feeling quiet drained I sorted out our clothes for a wedding we are attending at the weekend and then went for a lay down were a cat proceeded to diarrhia on me - Hydrogen had been unlocatable when the decontamination spray was being done and they warned us it can upset cats tummys at bit but isnt harmful. But I repeat - she did this ON ME!!!!

So all in all I personally am not having a very good day.

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