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We came back to the Bajery for a day to sort out the insurance stuff and oick up post and what have you - now I had warned the bank Lloyds that money would be going in late but they are still being mean and I now have a £74 account in the arease fine becuase obviously I hadn't got the warning letters becuase we aren't at home becuase of all the flood stuff 🙁

Then to the credit card bills - Barclay really nice - we realise you may have been affectected by flooding don't worry if you missed the last payment and don't worry about this one either we will not fine you. MBNA nice too don't worry if you missed the last payment due to adverse weather conditions (I'm paraphrasing by the way) - excilant - great - fantastic - I think I did pay the last bills but the thats really nice of them. Then back to good old Lloyds - who recon that I didnt pay the last bill (I definatly sent a cheque off for the last bill I recieved but then I suppose one might have been part of the big soggy after the flood and I wasnt really thinking too far ahead at the time.) and rar rar rar - pay now you swine dog - type letter.

Yes they should have all been payed on time and things but I had warned the bank we were flooded 🙁 It just seems so bizar that the other two are being so nice about things. I'm now going to have to spend a large fraction of the day phoning people up to try and sort this out especially as vodafone arent exactly being helpful either - but thats another story (p.s. as many have noticed my phones been cut off and I'm having a few problems getting it back mainly due to the bank trouble and stupid people in the shops).

Yeah ok I do realise that most of this is my own fualt for not having been on the ball enough-sigh.


  • By @ndy Macolleague, Tue 28th Aug 2007 @ 3:20 pm


    Can close the accounts with the unhelpful ones and move your business elsewhere? Not sure how credit works these days; do they still do the introductory offer wassamthings?

  • By sarah, Fri 31st Aug 2007 @ 12:26 pm

    considering it

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