A Bloody Tail of Blades and Teeth (by )

As some people already know we are currently staying in Hammersmith with Andy Bennet and it was in his kitchen that the grizzly horror story begain.

He was cooking us dinner and I was feeding Jean I wasn't paying attention whilst feeding her a piece of thinly sliced italian sausage a sharpe pain shot through me and a started Jean sat back looking worried. She had accidently bitten the tip of my finger, and her sharpe little teeth had scraped off some of the skin next to the nail and was proceeding to bleed annoyingly. We then established that Andy and no plasters and settled for holding it with a wetwhip cleaning pad thing.

There was then a conversation about Andys food processor and the fact that the blade he was using to make the pesto was uber uber sharpe and was kept in its plastic casing still becuase it was that sharpe. He make the pesto with no trouble or injury but then he decided to wash it up so it wasn't lurking around being dangerous. I'm afriad I was chatting to him and hence distracted him whilst he was drying it resulting in one sliced finger. He pressed it shut in the hope that it would start bleeding which we thought had worked until it come to dishing the food up when the strain of being moved about must have been to much for it.

Two peoples blood in the kitchen in one night! Good job the only other person eating was Al (besides there wasnt actually much blood and non of it got into the food).

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