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At the beginning of 2012 we were moving into our new house, so January was a mix of boxes, crates and buying things.

The cats liked it Kettle, cooker, cat

January also saw my birthday and friends helping us move.

And Mary's which saw me hosting the first party in the new house!


February saw my cousins coming to visit 🙂 And we dressed Alaric up as Gotye and created a spoof video.

Jean and Mary arguing about the ukele

It also saw valentines day when Alaric bought me a microphone which has lead to me producing recordings of my works 🙂

Baby Mary and the Microphone

and pancake day


March saw World Book Day were Jeany dressed up as a dinosaur for the book Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs!

Book Dinosaur Hear Me Roar!

And Mothers Day when we all went off to Gloucester Cathedral to look at some art!

The Family at the Spire

Alaric also upgraded the hardware running our Internet stuff (such as this web site) to a more powerful single box, rather than the previous two-box setup, which has simplified administration. It was a lot of work merging the two configurations, but this means that future upgrades will be a lot easier!


April was an excessively busy month and set the pace for the Summer!

There was me reading at Not The Oxford Lit Fest

Poetikness of Me at The Not The Oxford Literary Festival

Jean was in the Stroud Dance festival

Jean getting reading for the Stroud Dance Festival 2012

April is of course the month of birthdays so we had a BBQ for Alaric, my Brother and some friends who all have April birthdays 🙂

Jeany giving Uncle David an easter bonnet biscuit

Alaric took a day off work for his birthday, and spent it sorting out his workshop.

Then there was the Cheltenham Poetry Festival!

Me and The Story Tree

And as if that were not enough for one month I also won a bronze medal in the Gloucester Creative Olympics for my song Windy Gloucestershire 🙂

Me with My Bronze Medal Song catagory

Alaric wrote a toolkit for building 9P servers in Chicken Scheme.


Springtime Fairy

Visit to Petersfield


Cake pops! As a moving in present to ourselves we got a cake pop machine which we have had lots of fun with 🙂

Cake Pops our first ever batch

We enjoyed our garden 🙂

Jean and Mary in the Pirate Ship Pool

I read at a National Flash Fiction day event in Oxford

Sarah Snell-Pym Reading at National Flash Fiction Day

I read at the Stroud Site Festival

Saffy the Purple Poet at Stroud Site Festival Slam

We went to the Olympic Torch Relay in Painswick.

Torch Relay

Mary's Christening

Mary's Christening

and House Warming

House Warming and Christening Spread


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - we made cake

Diamond Jubilee Cake

And went to Party in the Park in Gloucester

Queen Jean

One festival I was performing at was canceled due to the site flooding but a last minute booking was made for me to read at the Stroud Water Festival. It was very wet!

Pinky the Cat a.k.a Jeany at Stroud Water Festival

My textural science art was in an exhibition at Centre Arts in Cheltenham.

Sweet a textural representation of Sucrose including knitted molecule and actual table sugar

Fathers Day:

Alaric sharing his fathers day breakfast with the girls

We attended the Cheltenham Science Festival

Baby reading at the Cheltenham Science Festival

Our garden started to seriously feed us 🙂

Home grown salad

I drew a picture for Mid Summer and we made solar cakes.


We made a Turing Machine cake for the centenary of Alan Turing, the father of modern computing.

State Table on top of Turing Machine Cake

Wychwood festival were I was running a workshop making pompoms 🙂 We hung out with same of our friends and had a great time 🙂

Anna at Wychwood 2012

Alaric finally caught up on all the overdue financial returns and dissolved our company, Warhead.org.uk Ltd, a lump of work which had been hanging over us ever since life became crazy after The Flood.

Wedding Anniversary we went to Bristol and found a hill to slide down and went on a bridge tour and lots more.

Bristol hill slide

We went to our friends Zaphire's House warming and we made cake pops 🙂

House Warming Cake Pops


I became a poetry installation in a manor house in Oxford for the On Form Sculpture Garden

Poetry Installation

We all went off to Cornbury Festival as I was running a craft workshop - this time sock puppets and monsters 🙂 Jean beat the IQ elves and as did I so we got a signed photograph 🙂

Jean on Ecovers griffitti wall

I drew a picture to mark the 'discovery' of the Higgs Boson

The Higgs Field

I learnt to solder 🙂 So did Jeany at Bristol Hack Space

Drawdio soldering kit

I drew postcards for a charity auction

Space Postcard

I went to Bristol to perform during Science Show-Off, I knitted a buckminsterfullerene which was nicked by an audience geek!

Knitted Bucky Ball

It was my Dad's 65th Birthday so we organised a Discworld themed party, including a cakes of course and films and books and of course a BBQ.

Ferfer's 65th birthday meal

Alaric took up Krav Maga.

I made bread puppies for my friend Ella's birthday in Bristol 🙂

Bread Puppies!

Alaric wrote a turtle graphics system to help children learn programming in Scheme.


I ran Centre Arts an art gallery for 2 weeks - it was lots of fun.

The Wild Cherries at Bead Workshop Centre Arts Cheltenham

We went to my friend Claire's Birthday and we made English Rose cakes for her 🙂

Rose Cake close up


Jean cheering Team GB

I took part in a wonderful city centre festival called Art Tournament - part of this included the fact that I had been short listed for Gloucestershire Poet Laureate.

Gloucestershire Poet Laureate Finals During Art Tournament

Cranham Feast

Cranham Feast Jubilee Bell Ringing

My friend Buko and her family visited from Australia!

Buket visit from Australia

Off we went to the Hullabaloo Festival which had been rained off earlier in the year - it was very wet but again but there was one fantastically sunny day and the ran was fun in the Centre Arts Markee anyway 🙂 We did face painting and a junk music workshop.

Hullabaloo Festival

We went to the @ Bristol Center to see Robot Football and meet up with my friend Ella - we managed to miss the actual event as we picked the only half day to arrive on but it was ok as we found them testing and repairing the robots outside the centre and the students who had made them showed us how they worked 🙂

Jean with Robot at AT Bristol

At the end of the summer I was too too tired and went for a short break in Essex where we chased ducks round a trout pond and everyone bar me went swimming and we camped and had BBQ's and it was lovely.

Ducks by the trout pond


Jean moved up a grade in Ju Jitsu - she is now a Yellow Belt White Stripe, she also attended the National Seminar.

Jean started Junior School!

Hello Kitty School Gear

Jean's Dr Who Birthday

Door Tardis

We went to the 1000 Kites festival.

Jean at 1000 Kites 2012

Alaric's Dad visited from South Africa

Lionel Making Bread with Jean

Hosted Chicken UK

My cousin Sheila visited from Australia 🙂


I released The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry

The Little Book Of Spoogy Poetry

Took the girls to the farm shop for half term fun 🙂

In the maze of wooded bower

I performed in my second ever slam which was part of the Cheltenham Literature Festival!

The Speil Tent

Took part in the first Green Unconference in the UK, I talked about Upcycling and Junk Art and ran a workshop.

Sarah Snell-Pym explaining Ucycling and Junk Art at All Saints Church Long Ashton at the Green Unconference

We took Alaric's cousins to Legoland as a thankyou for help with the deposit for the house - it was amazing!

Those are real stunt actors jumping from the lighthouse at LegoLand


Pumpkin pals


The end of October is a cluster of anniversaries of various types which we celebrated with my Brother and his Wife having just celebrated their first wedding anniversary and it being mum and dads and mine and Al's first going out anniversary. Michelle and David got cake, mum and dad the picture I had returned from the Cricket Club.


Released the audio book of The Little Book of Festive Poetry 🙂

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Cake

The whole family took part in NaNoWriMo and writing fever took over the house; even Alaric did some work on his existing fiction project 🙂

The kids taking part in NaNoWriMo

We celebrated 10 yrs of being together by going for a four day holiday in London which was amazing, we saw Gotye at Hammersmith Apollo 🙂

He whacks them cymbals! Gotye

We had a house full of Pudseys for Children In Need 🙂

Two Pudsey Bears

I went to an improvisation workshop which was lots of fun and helped me with my stage skills 🙂

Angel candle

I went on a one day writing retreat which did result in 10, 000 words of my novel being writing in one day 🙂

Writing treats at a writing space retreat

Millie came to stay bringing my friend Becca and her sister along 🙂

Three Cheeky Monkeys

We went to the NaNo Finishing Party 🙂

Queen of the NaNo


I performed at the first ever Cirencester Poetry Slam

Sarah Snell-Pym performing at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester

Mark and Lucy's Wedding

Heart Sugar Cubes

Wrote, recorded and illustrated Percival's Christmas Wish in an attempt to raise money for Shelter and homeless kids.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Tish and Clare's Wedding

Atish and Clare

Released the e-book of The DoomsDay Collection and celebrated the Winter Solstice marking the dawn of a new age.

Solstice Light, The Dawn of a New Age

Visited all my Essex cousins.

Playing at Pheobe and Rachel's House

Went to the Island for the Snell Family Christmas Meal

Snell Christmas Dinner 2012

Friends Christmas Party (I forgot the camera)

Had friends over for Mulled Wine and Minced Pies

Home made mince pies and parcels

Celebrated Christmas

Tree, presents, kids not yet dawn

Had a belated Pym Christmas

The Pym Christmas Table spread 2012

In little dribs and drabs throughout the whole year, Alaric's managed to tidy up his home directory, which had become terribly fragmented after several hurried fresh starts with new computers due to previous ones being stolen over the past few years, with restoring stuff from backups not being an immediate option but happening later. This had led to different projects being in all sorts of different places, so it was good to bring them all together and organise them. As part of this, he rebuilt the Kitten Technologies site, and reorganised and rewrote the ARGON Project web site. And, finally, he continued his part in the standardisation of the next version of the Scheme programming language.

New Year!

Elixir Boardgame New Years Eve 2012


  • By Anna, Tue 1st Jan 2013 @ 9:01 pm

    Wow! You were busy in 2012 I wish you even more creativity and results in 2013

  • By sarah, Wed 2nd Jan 2013 @ 9:40 am

    Thankyou 🙂 It's been an amazing year

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