A tale of two Halloweens (by )

Halloween just gone was a bit of a headache with having to relocate the Scouts party to the school due to the the village hall having been broken into :/ What with everything that was going on I forgot to post these pictures of her in her Pumkin outfit 🙂

Jeancheeky pumkin

Whilst I'm at it I thought I'd post the pictures of the 'party' we had the previous year. This was unfortunatly a bit of a washout with two attendants namelt Mike and Clare due to the sad fact that my friend had just died. So here are the pictures a tad late!

If the Devil Cast his net! Theres a spider I'm coming to get u! Whos looking at u! Hehehe

I case you where wondering Jean is dressed as a spider! She wore the same outfit at our anniversary meal at Pizza Express - Halloween is the anniversary of when me and Alaric first started going out - you know first kiss and all that mush.

Pizza express Daddy n Jean I dont know whos worse! Anniversary

More Old Pictures of Jean being Cute (by )

This pictures are now more than a year old! Wow time really cos quickly when your not looking doesnt it?

Genteeel with Kitten!

Jean and the kittens had a strange relationship in that they would allow her to man handle them when food was involved and she would drop her food off the edge of the high chair inorder to attract them. I took this photo whilst telling both the subjects that they where naughty - the kitten for jumping up onto a 'table' which by this point it knew it wasnt allowed to do and Jean for purposly throwing her food to attract cats etc...

Jean in the sink!

I had to take the obligatory photo of the baby having a bath in the sink - I found the sink far easier to use that then the baby bath and this was the case right up until the flooding. Being a cruel and heartless mother I just had to spike her hair with the shampoo foam and turn her into a little imp - still she really loved it 🙂 (though thats not this picture even though I know I definatly took one with the spike - oh well)

Trouble up Stream (by )

The level of the stream has dramatically and drastically risen even though it is not raining - someone up stream is doing something something like opening the gates to an artificial lake or some other man made resevoir and they did not tell us. This happened once before when a dam to the fisher broke sending a surge of water down to us nocking Gilbert (Barbaras little boy statue) off his feet. This is a slower rise as in there isn't an obvious wave of water traveling down stream but never the less something is happening somewhere. The water is still rising and the poor guys who where fixing the tunnel have got water in their wellies and all sorts!

It has also proceeded to wash away all the work they had done yesturday and this morning which of course is bad news 🙁 The cement obvious needs time to dry and the such like - sigh sometimes I wonder if this is all ever going to be put right.

On the bright side however the skip has arrived for the removal of our kitchen and our plaster!! This has made me really happy as it feels like things are really moving this time.

Mum and Dads 28th Anniversary (by )

I know that this wasn't even their last anniversary but the one before! But I've had these pictures in drafts on the blog for so long that they got pushed to the back where I didn't see it and therefore being me forgot about them :/

I was still on crutches at the time but we went to a nice Indian Resturant in Hornchurch with David and Michelle as well. It was the first time Jean drank by her self from a glass - I belive there is a photo here of that cute event somewhere 🙂

Cute Juice again? Indian Resturant I will be involved Daddy? Al n Jean Escape! Granfer, Al n Jean

Hope Springs Eternal (by )

I am currently being sad becuase Alaric has just headed off for yet another week in London but I am also feeling really hopeful as the builders may infact be starting tomorrow on our house. Woot!!!

Unfortunatly this isnt quiet as good as it sounds as it all depends on the weather - they currently have an outside job which is weather dependent so if it rains we get the workmen if it doesnt we wont see them until the earliest mid Feb :/ Still things are once again moving.

So for the first time in a very long time (ie since being in Kenya) I find myself hoping for rain :/ A bit ironic really when you consider this was all cuased by the rain in the first place - oh welll what goes around comes around 🙂

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