Lazy eye (by )

I have a lazy eye. I was born long sighted and astigmatic in my left eye, and therefore my developing retinal ganglae and visual cortex have taken much more notice of the clean signal from my right eye rather than the fuzzy one from my left.

Now, opticians have always told me that this is incurable. They can set up lenses that make the vision in my left eye clear - I can tell the edges are sharper, rather than fuzzy - but still, thanks to the lack of neural development, I can't process the image properly. I have to close my dominant eye to see my left-eye signal properly, and even then, a pall of blackness from the closed dominant eye is obscuring everything; my left-eye signal comes murkily through amongst the blackness. On top of that, because the normal blurry signal from my eye doesn't have good edge information in, I can't see edges properly. Even with the optical issues corrected, the edge-detection stuff hasn't properly developed, and I see an odd hard-to-describe world of patches of colours and textures; yet when I try to concentrate on where the boundary between two patches is, it eludes me.

The opticians tell me that even though lenses make the image in my left eye noticeably sharper, the neural stuff will never get better, so I'm refused glasses these days (even though I have a hunch I might get less headaches with spectacles, since my left eye still seems to try to focus on things and then aches).

However, today I read this:

Apparently, VR researchers have been treating this kind of thing by putting people in a VR game, while feeding incomplete visual signals to each eye. Eg, one eye seems some objects, the other eye sees others. This forces both eyes to operate together, rather than the old patch-over-the-good-eye technique, which often ended up causing difficulty in co-ordinating both eyes together.

This fills me with hope. For a start, it looks like the optician's statements that there was no way of fixing the neural issues is poppycock...

So as soon as I get time, I'm going to an optician and demanding spectacles, this time with this article to show them!

Ducks!!! (by )

I think we have a malard couple nesting just behind the house!!! 🙂

The Drake always flys away noisily when I open the window to put more seeds and nuts out for the birds - mmm they probably dont realise I can see female hiding in the reeds - oh well! 🙂

MOT (by )

Well, the car passed its MOT, despite needing to have various bits of suspension-related mechanism replaced (nearside front MacPherson strut and rear wheel bearing), and a hole in the exhaust piping.

Although it seemed better at first, it's still a bit stuttery when started from cold. It no longer seems to stall when the brake is applied, so the general tuning and servicing probably helped a bit (carburettor adjustment?) - and I've found that running it for a minute or two when first started, then bringing it up to 4000RPM for a second or two, makes it then run smoothly. It also runs on a little after stopping; it's been suggested that these two things are both due to buildups of carbon in the cylinders.

So I'm considering finding some of that stuff you can put in that eats it all away, but I'm also mindful that the carbon layer may be compensating for two decades of cylinder/piston wear, so it might not be such a great idea...

Perhaps I should just replace the engine with an oil-fired Tesla turbine, with a Stirling engine to recover waste heat - both feeding generators, with electrical transmission to individual wheel motors via a compulsator energy reservoir for sudden acceleration, and to power the coaxial railgun.

Wildlife (by )

To my delight a Kingfisher has started eating from our bird table!!!!! I have yet cuaght it with the camera yet - nor the hare I saw bounding across the field the springs in (this was yesturday and I saw it from the bedroom window!!!).

I did however take photos of the turkey that was wobbling about 🙂

Jean loves not only watching the fire! but also I have found she is a keen ornithologist and spends agaes looking at the bird table just outside our window - she loved it even more when big fluffy white stuff was sailing past 🙂

Talking of which not only did she roll herself over yesturday but she held and eat her half rusk by herself on Monday!

Oh and of course I did pancakes yesterday!!!

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