The Bowser Song (by )

Sung to the Badger Badger Badger tune in an annoyingly enthusiastic way normally by me.

Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bucket,bucket,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser, Arg! A peeing Teenager, no a peeing teenager Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,Bowser,....... (loops)

There is a Bowser dance that goes with this too which involves dipping at the knees and bobbing staight back up again whilst holding a bucket or container of chioce!

Garbage collection (by )

I read this paper shortly after it came out:

One Pass Real-Time Generational Mark-Sweep Garbage Collection

However, I've spent ages since trying to find it again. Mainly due to confusing it with The Treadmill: Real-Time Garbage Collection Without Motion Sickness, which describes a somewhat related algorithm that uses a read barrier to support mutation.

The algorithm described in the first paper is pretty amazing. It's simple, effective, fast, real-time, and requires no read barrier. The downside, however, is that it requires that pointers only ever point back in time to older objects. Which is fine if you have a purely functional language, since an object being created can only ever obtain references to objects that already exist at creation, and those references can never be updated to point to a newer object thereafter. However, you cannot then use any optimisations that use mutation "under the hood" such as in-place update of linear values.

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More subterranean fun (by )

A water expert came to look at our stream yesterday, for two reasons: the fact that water came through the wall of our house raises some worrying questions about the structural integrity of the tunnel the stream goes through under our garage, and up at the top of the waterfall, the raging flood eroded away some stones underneath a number of large heavy stones, and one day they'll come crashing down, possibly blocking the tunnel and creating a huge flood.

He turned out to be a really interesting guy, just as fascinated by underground stuff as I 🙂

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Missing Our Baby (by )

I keep forgetting she's not here and going to check on her in the dead of night, I think Al is taking her continued abscense harder than me. We've phoned mum and dad so much to check up and try to speak to her that I'm starting to dread the phone bill!

Not that she actaully seems to have noticed we are missing from her life - apparently she's been asking for Meeeme (Minni/any cat) but not for us!

She's also been ill again though they did tests and its definatly the chicken pox, wish we could be with her 🙁

Today in the disastor zone (by )

I had stomache cramps that wouldn't let me sleep so got up at 3 am and started clearing stuff out of the cupboards in the kitchen. Then went with Barabar to look at linos and rugs for down stairs, got back and was ill - crashed in a big way and slept until Clair arrived at 5 pm. Feeling dreadful but we managed to get quiet alot of stuff cleaned up - which is hard due to there being no water - then Al cooked dinner and informed me an animal had shredded one of the black rubbish sacks so had to clear that up - probably a cat after the dispossed of cat treats.

Hurting lots, feeling sick - the lump in my belly is very pronounced and hurting lots and I just generally feel low and wiped out.

Sorry this isnt more upbeat.

Oh and we had to put the flood defenses back up becuase they'd warned of more rain to come 🙁

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