Day 2 (by )

Well, Jean's second day of life went well - she passed the hearing test, after a few attempts which were spoilt due to her or other babies in the room making too much noise for the test to work.

I seem to have roughly mastered changing nappies:

Alaric and Grandad Pym changing Jean

And Sarah is finding nursing chairs very helpful in breastfeeding with her shoulder problems:

Sarah and Jean in nursing chair

Birth (by )

Jean Rose Pym was born at 6:50pm on the 29th of August, weighing 8lb 10oz and measuring 21+5/8" long - in sensible units, that's 3.9kg and 55cm.

Which is quite large for a baby; Sarah had an awful time pushing her out, but managed it!

Here's the photos:

Sarah and Jean just born

Jean wrapped in blankets

Jean and Michelle

Jean, Michelle, and Uncle David

The afterbirth (not for the squeamish)

Induction! (by )

Latest baby news is that if Sarah's not gone into labour by the 31st of August, they will induce her!


Van fun (by )

Well, we've moved everything out of the flat now; a total of ten Transit van-loads, most of which were all the way to the new home, but (due to time pressure) some of which just went to the local self storage.

So the new home is currently full of piled up furniture and boxes, and the broadband isn't working properly (it cuts out whenever you life the phone handset, and when the phone is down, comes and goes on its own). Probably something to do with it being a long bit of ancient cable dangling from telegraph poles as it strides over the valley. I will try using a different microfilter as suggested by the ISP, then it's down to getting BT to recable the place.

The van is fun, though. I'm pleasantly surprised by the condition it's in for a cheap second hand one; the engine runs fine. It's used a bit more oil than it should, but it has run about 3,000 miles in the past week!

The steering system is lovely, too. Power assisted, with a big steering wheel, and it can get the wheel far enough round to enable the thing to turn in a very small space. That and the 2.5L Diesel engine means we can very happily go down a steep hill then turn a near-hairpin back UP the hill without breaking a sweat...

Van drivers are nice to you when you're also in a van. And car drivers are scared of you.

Then again, wouldn't you be scared if you were going along a narrow country lane when you found a big red van hurtling towards you... with L plates on it?

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