The Mill (by )

Everyone keeps asking me what this place we're moving to looks like, so here you go:

Tbe Mill

We'll be taking over the building behind/to the left (known as the Bakery), while my aunt Barbara will stay in the main building. At least, until we have too many children to fit in the Bakery!

The previous picture of the future foundry is from right at the other end of the Bakery, hidden behind the Mill itself in this view. This photo was taken from the paddock, which is part of the Mill's grounds. Behind the buildings lies the garden; the stream is hidden from view to the left of the buildings, and the driveway runs from behind the buildings back to the lane.

The weather is not always that lovely.

Future Foundry (by )

Last weekend, we went to visit the Mill and take the first load of boxes up to the Bakery, which is now unoccupied (except for being used to put guests up) until we move in.

There is a single garage on the end of the Bakery that I'd never given much thought to, since it was always full of junk and for some reason I remembered it being made of wood. However, it turns out to all be very obviously made of stone (my powers of observation are just great!), and whats more, it had been used by the tenants in the Bakery and was, therefore, now empty. In fact, it's where we put our boxes of books we'd taken up there.

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Free diaries (by )

We get a lot of free diaries. For a start, the IAP sends me one a year; and Pizza Express send us one each a year.

And we use, between us, just one diary; I do all my planning electronically, but Sarah likes my IAP diary.

So I've got two 2005 diaries to give away - nice leatherbound things with little ribbon bookmarks in, lists of Pizza Express restuarants, maps of town centres (with Pizza Expresses marked!), an Underground map, and a little pouch about the size of an Oyster card. Anyone want 'em?

And now I've thought of this very clever idea, I'm going to be putting the next year's flock of diaries up online right at the START of 2006, rather than halfway through...

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