A Perfect Me Day (by )

Strumming Away Sing and Strum

Today I got up and between breast feds and also during breast feds I made and designed cards. Some of these were thankyou cards printing out my own art work to cut out and stick with glue, some were birthday cards and some invites. There were stickers involved too and card toppers 🙂 This was done to the accompanyment of U2.

Then it started hailing and rain so Jean and Alaric came in and domesticness happened including yummy lunch of cheese and chutney toasties. We then went out to Primrose Vale Farm Shop - this was actually my first outing were there was sunshine! It was golden and lovely and sureal - we listened to Red Hot Chilli Peppers and bought nice cheeses and lovely vegitables and some funky looking popping corn. We then went and got some dinner.

On the way back to the car there was a vivid rainbow arching across the storm clouds that had appeared dark and grey tinged with violet. On close inspection the rainbow appeared to be a double rainbow with a second fainter arch on the outside. We explained about rainbows to Jeany who asked more and more questions and then had to chase the rainbow to prove what we said was true. The sunlight made the trees appear to be glowing gold and copper against the dark clouds and we listened to Gary Numan.

Board of chasing rainbows we sat at a veiwing point wating a peach and Turkish delight sunset with Tori Amos playing in the back ground, Alaric and Jean went for a walk whilst the wind scouped out the clouds into a billowed sail which drove it's mullioned shape across a brooding sky until it darkened into a drizling twilight with dirty storm light yellow tinging the edges and the lights of Gloucester begain to glint below.

We drove home to the Stone Roses and I read Terry Pratchette whilst feeding Mary and Al and Jean played Rush Hour. Jean then went to bed with a Mystery story from Daddy whilst I played my purple sparkly electric guitar - remembering part of a song I'd written at 14-15 with such delightful lyrics as 'my bones are a battle field'. It sounded good after some mucking about with tone, pick-ups and over drive settings!

I also played Mary to sleep with Little Boy Blue played harshly and loud, then some mucking about just playing randomly (at which point Al says 'oh that sounds better' :/). Playing around with what I can do resulted in Al putting on a Pink Floyd song he thought I'd been trying to work out and I'm doing some writing now!

Also this was an outing were I got out of the car and actually went into places ie Farm Shop - it was physically exhorsting and I struggled abit with standing towards the end but I did it! I almost managed to get my legs into the car myself too which is a vast improvement over last week!

I have a few story concepts to write down and then hopefully sleep as Mary's just had a big feed 🙂

The Weight Plateu (by )

Well when I came out of hospital I was 13 st, the following week I had lost 3 pounds, then by last week I was 12 and a half stone - today I am still 12 and a half 🙁 I have reached my first weight platue 🙁

But on the plus side this is weight loss with just breast feeding and shuffling around the house abit but mostly sitting breast feeding or sleeping. Come Monday I feel that my wound will be heeled enough for me to attempt walking with the crutches. I did another outing and this time did not see stars or go sideways with dizzyness on route to the car though I still got very very tired after a mere half an hour driving in the car. The wound is still weeping a little but feels much better so I really feel that I can tackle walking (with crutches) if the anemia will allow it.

I will start with our drive way and progress to going for coffees in Cheltenham. I am hoping that some walking everyday will not only help the seperated pelvis but also help me reach the next weight platoe.

In fact I have a things fixed in my head as a progress for the fitness and weight loss. First off in another two weeks I will be able to start physio. Depending on how my wound is by then I will be able to go swimming and start pilates. However I feel that starting all these things at once will take up too much time and money plus more importantly make me very tired having gone from nothing to everything so I am going to stagger it. I am going to wait to talk to the physio over what to do first.

Eventually I want to take up belly dancing but that I think needs to wait until the crutches are gone. It is also rather expensive so may have to be instead of pilates and swimming or something.

Anyway - expect more moaning about weight.

Tantrums and Baby Behaviour (by )

Jean has mostly been lovely with Mary, happily sitting cuddling the baby and being concerned when she cries. This is unless people announce they are here to see the baby (rather than Jean and the baby) or people have been hugging the baby too much (in Jean's opinion). The baby is very much Jean's so there is a two fold jelousy which we hadn't expected - as in Jean is jelous of the baby getting attention but also of the fact that the baby is with people other than her (mummy and daddy don't seem to count in this which is a relief as it means we can hug and look after the baby with no screaming ab-dabs).

The absolute worse case is my Mum holding the baby for too long - Jean starts trying to prize the baby off of Nanny and the more she is told to leave the baby alone the worse it gets. But next comes other people visiting who want to talk to mummy and or hold the baby - this results in Jean saying that she doesn't like said people or that Mary doesn't like them and that the people should go away. Generally this all calms down but yesterday it resulted in a trantrum and her sitting her room shouting and crying until she went to sleep (which was a relief in itself as she has been getting up early and going to sleep late since the baby was born as she wants to see the baby and play etc.. this has been exhorsting).

I feel really embarrassed when she does this but at the same time it is no where near as bad as we were expecting! The help booklet the NHS says that sometimes the older child does not initially love the baby - normally they love the baby even if they don't always like it but you can't assume this will be the case. Jean loves Mary very much and has from the word go.

But Jeany has been wanting more cuddles, Daddy to carry her up the stairs and in from the car, help getting dressed and wanting to pretend to be burped. This is known as Baby Behaviour - Jean is the mild end of the spectrum with some kids wetting themselves :/

Jean needs to feel looked after too and all those things the baby is getting done for her Jean wants done too. The books say to not say no to this behaviour continously. I think Jeany's mainly doing ok with this whole little sister thing and the main issue has been people taking up my time or me trying to sleep and not doing the Mary, Jean, Mummy time - Jean gets furious if this happens and starts trying to shove the reading books or films into my hands as I'm trying to talk to people 🙁

It has been particually intense this week as it is half term and people are visiting nearly everyday.

Mary meets Tom (by )

Tom Long the long ginger tom cat has been scared of Mary since she arrived in the house though to be fair he is spending most of his time banished outside as he is the snuggliest of the cats and also the biggest by far! But like the gineu pigs and the rabbit - he is scared of Mary! Well he was until the beginning of last week - he now tries to ignore her existance 🙂

MAry meets Tom

Presents (by )

Present from Grandparents Baby Mary gets a scarf

Baby Mary 'opening' her present from Granny Lynne and Grandpa Lionel 🙂 I think Jean was more excited about the scarf though as it matches hers 😉

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