Of Games and Geeks (by )

Last weekend my friends Ella and Oliver came up - first they stayed at Andrews place in Cheltenham were I joined them on Sunday. We eat the most fantastic meal that Andrew had prepared and organised with a walnut suace and pasta - mmmmmmm.

We did lots of chatting and catching up and they tried to get me to play a computer game with them and I explained that I get to addicted to things like that so best not plus there's the RSI issue and I don't want to take up my avaliable computer time on games - I would love to play games don't me wronge but I have made the sensible if boring decission on this one.

I then insulted Ella by given her a Christopher Pike book about Vampires that I thought might inspire/help her with her huge literary endevour.

I said I was happy to play a board game or something though so we played a game called munchkin (I think) the rules of which were a bit of mystery to me and hence I lost - though I did get to be an elf with a very long sword and have a chicken on my head (though apparently the chicken thing was a curse adn bad). The aim seemed to be to work as a team and stab your partners in the back.

Anyway I had a fun time loosing.

Then Monday we went out around Cheltenham and I scoured the charity shops for the next books in series's I need - in the end I found one of them in a discount book shop and so actaully bought a new copy! (I'm addicted to the Lemony Snicket series).

That night Andrew came around to our place and we played Lord of the Rings Monopoly which David got me and Al. I as always was legolas 🙂 I didn't win. Poor Al didn't get to join in as he had to work - Jean didn't want to stay with us and went and played in her room and then went to bed early - wow?!

Game playing

Oliver spent an age going though the shoes box of magic the gathering cards I have (I don't know what to do with them but he sorted it out and handed me a starter game pack thing that was in their). The shoe box belonged to Al's Step brother Simon who decided he didn't want it anymore.

sorting of the cards

Al took Andrew home and me, Ella and Oliver played one of my oldest board games - Elixir though there was a bit of an issue over having not explained the rules to Ella.

Unsuprisingly I won this one.

Al had taken Andrew back at like 11:30 or something like that - Oliver was gearing up for another game as he eyed the Dangons and Dragons games. This was vetoed and instead we looked at the board for Anticipation - my second oldest board game that doesn't actually belong to me - it was our 'family' game when I was growing up and me and David played it for hours and hours.

Tuesday Al actually came for lunch with us and we wandered down to the Black Horse (the village pub known for excillent food). This pub is normally packed out - but it was empty - so empty I thought we'd wandered into a closed pub - but no apparently the pensioners who are all normally in there don't have any money as it all came from their investiments so the main clientelle untill the tourist season starts is gone 🙁

He was very sad about this 🙁 The food is still excillent though with silly big portions - Ella told me off for eating my cheese and chutney wrong :/

In the afternoon me and Ella went for a walk and got lost and midge bitten which was fun, we discuessed our futures in science and litrature and the nature of society and that sort of girly stuff

As always I felt sad when they had gone as I really miss geek talk. Andrew is also moving to Ammerica at the end of April as well 🙁

Earth Hour (by )

On Saturday I find out via Twitter that this thing called Earth Hour was happening were everyone (hopefully) would be turning off their lights and such - I vaguelly feel that either Ella, Oliver or Andrew mentioned it too me last weekend.

Anyway I decided that we were going to take part (with half an hour to go) so wizzed around finding candles - Al got out the oil lamps and we light a fraction of what we have here!

candles in the kitchen Oil lanterns candle shimmer

Jean said the house was bueatifull - "Its a bueatiful night mummy" which was sweet.

I even cracked out a nice candle floating bowl that we were given for either a house warming or wedding 🙂

floating lights bowl of light shimmering bright

It was also the first time we got to use the bathroom candle I'd picked up in a charity shop - its got like glitter and shells in it and looks like a little lamp - I love it and yes I am perfectly awear that it is tacky 🙂

shell light in the bathroom

I'm afraid I did have to cheat and put on Jean's LED alphabet lights as I didn't want to keep her up until 9:30 and she wont sleep in the dark.

You all know my view on the global warming issue ie waste of resources is bad reguardless - as a geologist/earth scientist so I'm not going to go into that again. But one of the things I didcovered was that the oil lamps give out far more heat than the electric heater we have for when it gets nippy and we don't have time to light the fire.

Now they give out light aswell so I am wondering if it would not be more effiecent in winter to have lots of these lit around the house than lights and heater (when it snows the fire is no where near enough to keep the house warm).

Alaric’s 30th Birthday (by )

Saturday the 4th of April is Alaric's 30th birthday - hopefully we have managed to catch everyone and inform them but I have been made awear of a few gaps in the invitations.

It is Logan's Run theme and me and Alaric at least will be in costum (but you can come as you if you want!).

It's a bring your own BBQ and as always we are happy to recieve people on Friday and loss them what ever time they want to go home even if thats on the Monday!

We've got a marquee for outside.

Al is making people hand crystals so sort of needs to know whos coming and how old you are!

Here's the form to fill in.

I'm going as Box the robot and have been papier maching away like a mad things so I hope you all appreciate the effort!

Accomidation wise there is plenty of room for tents - there is limited floor space or there are BnB's in the area.

Though I am petrified of being 30 Alaric is looking forward to it but then he runs into real problems with people not respecting his ideas as they think he is too young (doesn't help that he often looks a decade younger than he is!).

The Crows of Penwood (by )

Today me and Alaric spent the day sitting in a freezing cold hut surrounded by mad crows that shred wind screen wipers surrounded by wiered plastic torso's that you can peel the skin off of.

We were shown lots of gory pictures of festering wounds of various types and shown how to strap people up. Disembodied faces littered the surfaces and strange thumps and crashes echoed through the desolate hills that surrounded us. Screams of help filled our ears.

Then one by one we begain to disappear - off course this was to go and by lunch from the near by supermarket and we were in fact just at a first aid course but really there where mad crows and resusi-anni dolls can be really scary looking before their faces are attatched - not that they are exactly friendly with the faces.

Still we enjoyed the course - though Al went all weak from the pictures of blood and even though we have both done alot of first aid courses and training in the past we are still learning stuff like I didn't realise that 8 yrs old is the cut off for the child/adult boundary for treatments.

Hardness in the belly can be internal bleeding and erections can be symptomatic of spinial injuries in men.

In exchanging stories I found I have actually had to do a lot of actual first aid on real people which I had sort of forgotten about. We got some free bandages, a mouth sheild and a menigitis card out of it.

At the end we were trapped by a rain storm which added to the strangeness of the setting too - so I think I shall be writing one or two stories about the place 🙂

Catch Up on Dr Things (by )

I went back to the Drs Tuesday morning leaving Ella and Oliver asleep on our living room floor - they'd come up to visit us which was most excellent.

On the plus side the impetigo is clearing up and I have got alot more movement in my jaw - and I'm feeling alot better. Bad side is that I still have lots of fluid in my ears and she found another skin infection.

This time its a fungal infection that's probably cuased by the stuff that cuases thrush - this means I'm not to use perfums and have yet another creme to apply - joy 🙁

I have been over doing it and have gotten myself really run down apparently hence I have mouth ulcers again etc... she told me there's a spray I can have for them if they continue and if I don't start to feel better soon I have to go back again.

But I am happy that things are responding to the medication. I'm abit worried that I have ended up with skin infections at all though. To be far the fungal one feeds off of perfumed soaps and things including the skin lotion I'd been using 🙁

I have also been moaning about this far too much for what it is aswell - its not made me really sick just uncomftable :/

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