Baby Abseiling (by )

We spent Sunday tidying cleaning the house. Well, that was the plan, but we ended up only doing downstairs, and then with a few little things left over... I'd hoped Jean would be entertained by the sight of us zooming around her wielding dusting flicks and carrying things, but alas, she demanded a lot of our time through the day.

Anyway, tidying did have some fun for Jean - since we had her in her baby bouncer in the middle of the room, and I was dealing with a stack of storage boxes, we gave her a taste of abseiling:

This kept here interested for a bit. With the harness holding her upright and taking her weight, she could scrabble against the stack of boxes and practice her developing self-mobility skills.

In fact, this morning, she flopped forwards from where we'd sat her up on some cushions. She wailed in frustration, but then her flailing arm caught the side of her baby-gym thing, and she managed to push herself upright again. She then proceeded to grin from ear to ear!

I passed my driving test! (by )

This is good.

As somebody who lives a good twenty minute's walk from a bus stop from which an hourly bus runs (until 5:30pm) to the nearest train station, six miles away, not being able to drive has been a bit of an issue so far.

The quality of our lives should now increase dramatically 🙂 We can go out and do things in the evenings, after work! We can go to places that aren't on the bus route! We can nip to the post office during the day in perhaps half an hour end to end, rather than waiting for the hourly bus, going to the PO, and then waiting 40 minutes for the bus back!


MSA (by )

I've just written an MSA daemon.

The role of an MSA (Mail Submission Agent) is defined in RFC2476.

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Long time no write! (by )

Well me being super mondo muppet has yet again forgotten to actually writ anything on the blog!!!!

We'll I have to wait until september to restart my MRes :'( Oh well I supposed its ok - I bought a book on Microbiology which I have been working my way through - brain seizing up!!!!

I've been doing lots of drawing and jam amking and stuff to:)

I've also been trying to rekindle my passion for writting which I sort of lost during my degree even though I had done a Creative Writting course during my A'levels (yes I know I cant spell for toffee!!!).

Little baby is a delight! Two days ago her first tooth finally broke the surface:) though it is now v. painful too let her gum your finger - you have been warned!

I'm afraid that due to her new tendancy for bitting I have decided to be a bad mum and stop breastfeeding her (it really hurt and she just does it every time I try!).

Noooooooooo!!!! She's just had a containment breach - now I have to wash all her bedding 🙁

Separated at birth (by )

A friend of mine, messing with my new camera phone, took a picture of me in a restaurant. And then a while later I was taking snaps of Jean with it, and in hindsight, I noticed that we both seemed to have come up with the same facial expression...


Purely by chance, I promise.

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