Day 23 – Blondie (by )

Wooded Winter Glow

I am actually happy with this painting - had to be done in two lots though with drying time inbetween 🙂

Also Alaric is blonde and has a pudding hat and I have a new onsie which I'm sure there will be plenty of picks of over Christmas 🙂

Big thanks to our friend Nicky 🙂


Day 22 (by )

Facets of ice

This painting actually took longer than the landscapes! It's supposed to be the surface of ice crystals all reflecting the light differently.

Card fail - so cards arrived but turn out to be not cards but one sided printed card 🙁 also they took longer to arrive than planned so I can't see us sending them out to people now either! Never mind we have them for next year and maybe I can get a batch of cards made properly or something for next year 🙂

Advent 21 – Hama Mania (by )

Aurora Cave

This is supposed to be an ice cave with the light filtering through and casting ice staligmites into dark relief. I am nearly out of white paint!

The girls have been creating many christmas crafts - not least of which of are the hama bead projects including presents to people like teachers.

Also the Nativity/school play was written by the kids and in French with flutes and violins played by some of the kids 🙂 I still have had no minced pies but did do Carol singing.


Day 20 – Two Hats (by )

Ice lens

Today's painting was supposed to show that lensing/clarity you get with really clear ice - it did not turn out the way I had imagined but never mind!

I have a three year old who wont believe my laptop is not a touch screen and she likes wearing two hats 🙂 (photo)

Advent 19 – Bojustu (by )

Aurora Flight

It is day 19 of Advent and I am so not really ready for Christmas but here is today's painting - it is supposed to be Father Christmas's sled in the northern lights

This week Jean learnt stuff that is apparently not widely known outside of Japan, seeing the rugby players on route I am so glad she is doing jujitsu or bojutsu as it was today. This involved large sticks that I couldn't help but compare to English quarter staves as they and archery were like the only things I was ever any good.

(photos phone)

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