Jean and Pancakes (by )

Jean hates pancakes but loves the fillings it turns out - which include bean sprouts - her culinary experiments can be seen on Salaric Cooking.

Sorry About the Ads (by )

I know I said I wouldn't do this but our blog gets far to much traffic not too really! Plus Al was board with how it all looked so I thought I'd sort it all out in one foul swoop.

Valentines Day (by )

For Valentines day Jean had made some things at Pre-school which I have put up over on Salaric Craft. We also made lots of hearts which we put up everywhere that is also over on Salaric Craft.

We decorated the house and made princess cakes which will soon be up on the cooking blog. When Al came home we made a lovely dinner with heart shaped pastries which was fun - they are already up on Salaric Cooking.

The Weather’s Impact (by )

I have been musing on things to do with financial moderlling - why a geologist is dwelling on these things is only obvious to me! Systems are systems and then I look at moderling and think that it all pretty much the same reguardless of what your moderlling as we all exist within the same set of physical laws.

So here are my mad ramblings on the subject of weather and the financial world - it is a topic that I will investigate furthure if I get a chance - if anyone knows anything that would be usefull to know about this then please let me know!

Before the Snow (by )

Busted Green house bucket of broken glass

Before the snow there was a storm and Barbara thought to minamise damage by leaving the green house door open - the result - lots of broken glass. She now wants Al to make some sort of supports for the windows.

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