Bubble woman (by )


This thing is interesting, yet sincerely odd.

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Back in hospital again (by )

Sarah went in for a check-up on the medical stuff, and they liked her so much they decided to keep her 🙁

She's had a chest X-ray and more samples and tests, and is staying there at least tonight, maybe more.

Bah! She hates being in hospital, especially when she's on her own. I spend lots of time there with her, but now that's take up time I'm meant to have been spending working on projects.

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First wedding anniversary (by )

Today it's one year since we got married!

Well, we still seem to be getting on OK 😉 I annoy Sarah by forgetting things, and Sarah annoys me by not putting things away, but neither are a very big deal and we both seem to be getting better at them anyway!

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Sinus Tachycardia (by )

Sarah had an appointment with the GP on Monday, during which he noticed her pulse was a bit high so asked her to come in again Tuesday.

So we went out for lunch on Tuesday, then I accompanied her to the GP afterwards (it's near a place of eating), and her pulse was still high so he suggested she go to A&E for an ECG.

So we took a bus down, and they wired her up to the thing, did a printout, and went "Whoa!" and whooshed her into the resuscitation room!

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Silly plumbers (by )

Ok, here's the story so far.

A few weeks ago, we noticed that, when we let the bath out, the carpet around the bath got wet. We were having baths in preperation for going away for the weekend, so we decided to write a letter to the letting agent about it, and sort something out when we got back. However, a few hours later, the people downstairs knocked on the door and said that there was water coming through their ceiling, so we told them of what we'd noticed, and that we were getting the agent to sort it out.

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