I Forgot to Do Any Work (by )

The Hare and the Ball

Yesterday I sort of forgot to do any work - after 9 days of intensive festival coverage I awoke tired but happy and helped get the girls off to school mind buzzing with more things to write up about the Cheltenham Poetry Festival. But I had to go to the bank at 10 and somehow this took up the entire morning!

Old man Graffiti Gloucester

I did find some fantastic bits of wall art to snap whilst out though!

Small boy graffiti Glocester

Then my parents and Al had conspired together meaning that I was taken for lunch were I relaxed and ate and drunk and produced the rough first draft of a childrens picture book.

I then came home and slept!

When I got up Jean was home from school and I ended up watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs whilst buried in children and kittens. It was then tea time which was eaten in the garden.

British Spring Supper

With a rabbit for company!

Fluffy Obsidian

My dad also tried the trampoline.

Leonard Pym on the trampoline

Then I had a bath and read the book I was given as part of World Book Night during the festival, in bed I wrote two poems and babbled about arty stuff.

Of course today I am staring at the state of the house going eep! And Mary isn't going to let me get much done as I've basically been missing for a week and she is determined to catch up on snugs!

Kitten Worries (by )

The kitten got very ill, she'd been manic for a couple of days, really bitting people and not settling for cuddles at all, we thought she had just reached a hurtling around phase but then I came home from the poetry festival after midnight and she was all floppy, Al had stayed awake as he was concerned about her. I thought initially she'd just exhusted herself.

Sick little kitten awaiting the vets

But I couldn't sleep and kept going down stairs, when I came down to find my mum holding her I knew she was ill, I woke the house hold up and questioned them as to what had happened to the kitten that day - the baby had y on her (eek I thought), I'd had to clean tooth paste off of her from where Jean dropped her tooth brush (eek I thought maybe she eat some), she hadn't eaten anything, and the amount she'd been eating over the last few days had been reducing - my friend suggested she had a hair ball and I had already had to remove a big clump of fluff from her mouth so that seemed likely.

So it was off to the vets as soon as they were open.

He laughed when we explained the sitting on and the tooth paste, stuck a thermometer up her bum and prodded and poked her - she had a fever so he gave her two injections and gave us liquid antibiotics to give her. I was relieved that it wasn't anything serious though left it could have been but part of me had been thinking please don't let it be from Mary sitting on her or the tooth paste - Al had been thinking the same - what to tell Jean if it had been tooth paste posoisoning. She loves the kitten and looks after it and had gone to school that morning in tears as she wanted to stay with the kitten because it was sick - the tooth paste was an accident. I felt awful I felt that in going out and working for a week the house had fallen to pieces and one of the little dependants had gotten ill because I wasn't there to keep an eye on things.

Sleepy kitten in a hood

The kitten is now uber bouncing and happy again with out the bitting or manic edge which I assume was the pain/grottiness she had before the fever broke.

She spent three days just snuggling on one of us, she and the baby were kept apart as we didn't want her pulled about at all. We fed her water through a syringe and the antibiotics the same, she liked being in Al's hood. For something that was basically dumped on us less than a month ago she has become so integral to our lives, the thought of the household without her bouncing about was heart braking. I never do realise how attached I am too pets until something happens. I spent most of the piggies lives calling them silly suasauges and saying how daft they were and then when they went missing it was me trying to hunt the hedge rows on crutches killing my pelvis and setting back my recovery to look for them, I cried and cried over those little fluffies and am still so angry about their demis.

Mine craft kitten accessory

Still the kitten is fine and happy again - I am however currently banned from adopting anymore baby animals. Talking of which I should go and give that bunny some breakfast!

Public service announcement: Alaric has a new OpenPGP identity (by )

I've made myself a new OpenPGP key pair; the old one is still good, but it's time to start retiring it due to old age.

Below the fold is a message containing my new key, signed with my new key and then again with the old key; copy and paste it into gpg | gpg to see the signature verifications, then consider adding | gpg --import to the end to import the key.

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Pinterest (by )

After proddings from several friends I decided to get a Pinterest account. I really love the site - it allows you to share cool photos and images but it also allows you to nicely credit the site it came from and has a policy to help you point out and correct copy right infringement.

I was exstatic to find that some of my images were already on there and linked back to my sites 🙂

I'm 5affy on there but a search of my name will do 🙂

Bitcoin pseudonymity (by )

As I write, there is still uncertainty about just how private the pseudonymity of Bitcoin really is.

I can't say I have an answer myself, but I can explain the complex issues involved and make a few predictions!

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