Cute pictures (by )

Jean seems to be having a cute day today.

Intellagently Cute (by )

This morning I was awakened to little frustrated sqqeeks from Jean and an och! from Al, Jean had decided she was hungry and waas padding at his chest looking for a breast - then when all she found was his nipple she pulled on it much to his shock!

This is an improvement because she used to justhead butt anything warm:)

Grrrr!!!!!! (by )

went to the doctors yesturday for an emergancy appointment becuase Jean was throwing up my milk n had well vvv runny poo and my breasts hurt - it turns out that I dont have mastitise or anything like that - my breasts hurt cos the stupid Mother Care bras dont support my bust enough n Jean is just to greedy so I should feed her in one specific position.

What the doctor did discover though is that I'm run down which is causing painfull absissed ulcers in my mouth and I have an anul tear :'( which is v painful (I thought it was piles and only said somethign cos it got rediculuslly painfull) Well this meansI'm now bleeding from three orifices (not that anyone actually wants to know this!)

We then spent the rest of the day hunting down a tire shop (me n the perants) n finding somewhere that could do my prescription - this means that my dishwasher didnt get finished with being installed nwe now dont have a functioning kitchen sink.

Infactthis weekend has been a bit of a disaster - ist mum n dad had a tire blow out on route with the van (full of more of our stuff) and ended up stranded in a car park in oxford for the night. Babara and Al had to go and rescue them the next morning n what with their medical problems, getting cold n having no sleep they where really whiped out.

This ment that I hadto rush off n meet Als mother by myself with the baby n crutches n being v stressed, Al was an hour late n Babara trying to help had told her thatit was becos he was rescuing my perants so - well she threw a strop! but only once poor Al had turned up. She rejected our offer to stay so my perants came up with more of our stuff n stayed instead - she was making the journy for two hours of meet up which is blatently rediculous n then started about that it was a good job she wasnt staying cos there wasnt room.

Then she decided that we should go for a walk (bearing in mind I'm on crutches still) which ment she went racing off round all the shops n started looking for Monsoon children n cap shops etc... n sayign that all children should have this or thatn our pram wasnt good enough cos it wasnt a three wheeler n Al would have to just get on with his work n give the baby to me etc...

I couldnt keep up n had to give up after twenty minutes, I thought I was being paraniod in thinking that she was trying to loose me in the crouds n things but it turns out that thats exactly what she was doing n she lambed straight into Al as soon as they got round the cornor from me. She told him he was inconsiderate n didnt care about other peoples feelings n he shouldnt have been late - he asked her if she really thought he should have left two aging diabvetics one with a heart condition stranded for hours more just so he wouldnt be late - she then started saying they should look after themselves n things (its our van n it had our stuff in). She told him that he'd surrounded himself with useless people nthat she felt sorry for Jean having such inconsiderate perants as us 🙁

She also accussed all in the cafe of hitting Jean when all he was doing was winding her - shekept asking me why I was letting him hit my baby, then she started saying that Jean would get shaken baby sindrom n we would go to prison :'( Al obviously was crushed by these comments she then ran off from Al in tears saying he didnt care about her n that he was rude.

I had to spend ages assuring Al that she's the bad perant n not him 🙁

Anyway apart from me now wanting to kill my mothering law, the work n shopping that where supposed to be done on Saturday had to be done on Sunday n my dad started the job on the dishwasher cos we thought we would havemonday to finish it but it turned out that the stuff BnQ had wassnt quiet right n our attempted bodge didnt work n thenthey had to take me to the doctors on monday n Al was at a meeting for the whole day he hadnt been expecting. As a result I now not only have no dishwasher but also have no kitchen sink 🙁 n poor dad thinks its all his fualt which it so bleeding well isnt!

Then today I managed to fall over trying to show the chimney sweep where he could plug in his giant hoover n he had to go nget Al cos I couldnt get up nhavent deared the stairs yert cos of the pain:(

ok rant over!

Babywearing (by )

I've been quite intrigued by the idea of Babywearing, both for me (so I can carry Jean while I work) and for Sarah (so she can carry Jean further with her back problems).

So today I found a big enough sheet, and decided to give it a try:

It's working pretty well - I'm still a bit nervous about bashing her on things, but she seems to be quite happy when worn (either looking around with interest, or falling asleep), and I like looking after her while I'm working!

Ohmy God!!! (by )

Whilst breast feeding Jean often pullsher self off the nipple and looks starled/horrified - when she did theis today Al intergected a personalo commentry for her. Quote:

Oh my God!!! I've just realised I'm sucking another girls tit, I'm drinking another human beans bodily fluid - Oh my God!!! Mmm but it tastes nice though (as she plunges back in for more)

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