Bread Maker :) (by )

Bread from the bread maker

I discovered a while back that soya was making the bleeding worse so we tired to get bread without it in - this ment no ready sliced bread etc... and checking with bakeries etc... but then it turned out that some of them didn't really know what was going into their bread and we were told they didn't contain soya and then when my Dad went he was told they did!

So we were making bread by hand except that my hands can't really take the neading, fortunately a friend stepped in with some no nead bread recipes which are great but I still missed classic bread.

Then my cousins decided they did not want their bread maker anymore and said we could have it! This was in the summer - it took us until Christmas to actually go and pick it up!

But we have been enjoying it 🙂

Alaric about to eat the freshly made bread


  • By Buko, Mon 14th Jan 2013 @ 10:57 am

    I love my bead machine! I love shoving stuff in st night at waking up to fresh bread. I love it making dough for me without a mess for things like pizzas and tear and share bread. I hope you guys enjoy your machine just as much! Only downside is the copious amounts of butter I want to consume with the fresh bread!

  • By sarah, Wed 16th Jan 2013 @ 8:39 am

    It's just the amount of bread I will consume that's the problem here!

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