Anti-abortion protestors in Gloucester (by )

I nipped into the center of Gloucester at lunchtime today. Doing so takes me past Gloucester Royal Hospital, and on my way in, I saw two men outside the sexual health clinic clinic (Hope House), with a big banner on the railings reading "Pray to end abortion". Looks like it's made the local news: Women using Hope House reassured that an anti-abortion protest will not affect their treatment.

On the way back, standing in front of them was a woman holding up a bit of cardboard upon which had been written "YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE". I gave her a grin as I passed; one of the men was muttering something inaudible to her, and I heard her start to respond with "It's been shown in studies that...".

Is this going to get worse? Are we going to need a clinic escort system, like they have in America? I work just opposite the hospital, and am not afraid to get shouted at or attacked while protecting people's rights; so if anybody does feel intimidated about visiting Hope House, I'll happily walk you in/out if I've got any break time free. You can ask me on Twitter.

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