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Easter Snow (by )

It's the Easter holidays and it is snowing so after dropping Mary off at the Nursery my dad helped me take some photos of the hills and things. This one is my favourite:

Easter Snow

Followed by this one of cracking ice:

ice cracks

And then this one I took with the idea of portals or the Door to December:


I quiet like this one of a farm house as well - the sheep and colours say spring but then there is snow on the hills:

Sheep and house and snow

Then we have bleak landscapes mostly taken on extreme zoom!

Bleak A picture of two landscapes Here there is sun there there is snow Hill top cold Bleak Striat Snow fluttered hills

Click through if you want to see bigger images or go to the here on my photo blog.

Christmas 2010 (I think) (by )

I think this is 2010 and that for actual Christmas we went down to Essex for dinner at my parents house but these are photos of our Solcist meal and general festiveness.

Pink and red Christmas

Jean and Al playing with the marble run.

Festive marble run fun

King Alaric at the washing up again

King Alaric in is his marigolds

Garlic Bread - as in bread with garlic gloves in it 🙂

garlic bread

Jeany sort of setting the table

Getting ready for the solcist

Jean decorating the MK 2 of The Little Book of Festive Poetry - I spent ages printing out out the sheets and glueing the words onto the pictures as the laptop I had couldn't cope with me trying to do things with large files!

Jean decorating her new poetry book

It snowed and I remember playing with Jean outside and me and Al taking it in turns!

Snowy Daddy

Tom and Jean 🙂

Jean entertaining cat

Jean really could not get enough of being outside in the snow!

Jean ready for her walk

It was the first year we found a yard of Jaffa Cakes!

Daddy and his yard of jaffa cakes

Jean ran off with them 🙂

Jean with the yard of jaffa cakes

Sleepy Jean after all the fun 🙂

Sleepy Jean

Snow Garden (by )

More snow fell after I took the pics and I regret not having gone out with the birthday money sooner and gotten my camera as it ment I was restricted to the half an hour of Al getting ready for work and his smart phone! However I did discover that the broken camera still records film ok so I did take some vids of the girls which I will attempt to process later on!

Ice Planet

I made Al stop to take a pic of him as he left for work but alsa the camera went with him!

Alaric in the Snow

But here is what I got! None of the kids paying sadly 🙁 Though it turned out Mary hated the snow where as Jean spent hours out in the garden making snow angels and just walking around in it, sticking it too the walls etc... I made soup out of frozen veg in the freezer, and then Mary went down for her nap so I ended up building a snow man with Jean and having a snow fight where we both got covered!

Pussy Cat sheltering from the Snow Windchimes in the Snow Blue plant pot in the snow Garden Snow Net Snow Snow Hammock Christmas Tree Bird house in snow Snowy bird House The Snow Mesh Rainbow Snow Iced plant post and bunting Plant pots in the snow Potting up area in the snow Snow Crystals Snow Star

Old Snow Pics from The Bakery (by )

Cow on Snow Cranham

With the snow falling and having a broken camera I decided it was about time I dug into the archive and aired some of the snow pics that have been lurking around for the last few years. As I said yesterday I am both sad and happy not to be there anymore where snow is concerned. It was fantastic for sledding and pretty pictures but our water used to freeze and we couldn't look out the windows of the house for having to put bubble wrap on them to try and keep warm.

Snow over Suttons Mill

The new house is very different with double glazing and central heating and so snow is not the issue it used to be. A heavy frost could have us stranded in the valley so snow was a complete grind everything to a stand still.

Jean and the green house icicles

Enjoy the pics - I'm sure there will be more!

Tom cat in the snow Glass planet in the snow Snowy fields of Cranham Snow over the fields of Cranham Jean and Daddy Winter landscape snowy feild Snow over the valley Cotwold house in the snow iced trees The Drive Way Zanado in the snow The Mill stone in the snow Greenhouse icicles Winter sun Snow on the hedge

Snow At The Snell-Pym’s (by )

There will be more photos later but I am restricted to Al's camera phone at the moment and he is now walking into work!

Helium in the snow

I think this pic sums it up nicely though! (It was taken through the double glazed door as was a video of her pouncing the snow which I will try and process and youtube late today 🙂

Obviously the girls have not gone to school and nursery and so I will get no work done today (boo and hiss no really I do mean that). Jean is excitedly hunting out her warmer clothing and disguessing snow dragons with me - apparently there needs to be a story about them for bedtime tonight :/

I think today maybe a diet breaking day as I have to take them out in the snow to play and I am not feeling too hot at the moment so hotchocs and marshmallow floaters are my self bribe for going out there. It's options hot choc for me and I may even skip the marshmallow but we will see.

The snow is getting heavier so I think it's here to stay for a while.

I am systamatically sad we are not at The Bakery for the snow and really exstatic we are not at The Bakery for the snow but more on that later!

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