NetBSD upgrade (by )


I've upgraded my main home server from NetBSD 1.6.1 (ancient) to 3.0 (current), for two reasons.

  1. There was a bug in the VIA Rhine network driver, causing it to drop packets and/or stop working (drop ALL packets until brought down and back up again) under load
  2. I need to install Asterisk, and 1.6.1 wasn't up to it - Asterisk requires a native pthreads implementation.

So I bravely reinstalled. NetBSD's upgrade process is a bit ropey, so I had to hack around a bit to get it all up and running.

But now I've lost my CD-ROM drive!

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The Weekend in MK (by )

On Saturday we went to Milton Keynes to Becca and Olly's flate warming/come beccas birthday party!

We got lost right at the end becuase there was a big gap in the instructions - it turns out though that stupid word hadnt worked and there was a map with the route marked on! Oh well and there was us thinking that becca was just really bad at instructions!

It was a great party - Becca had made loads of food which was all yummy but I think her and Olly are evil as they have a chocolate fountain and next to it was a huge box of marshmellows - mew!!!! How are you supposed to resist!

There flate is really nice and I can see Becca desinging some cool decor for the place 🙂

i spent most of the party passing Jean round to be cooed at and to strick fear into my friend Keith who seems to be scared of under fours cos they cant put their hands on their heads! Oh well he ended up with our spare bedding which me being me was Care Bears! Jean loved the party and finally fell asleep - her and Al endevoured to take up the whole bedroom so there was no room for me!

Oh well - I blathered at Astrophysisicsts and read. When all the boys had become light weights and flaked me and becca discovered the joys of eating erm I mean cleaning the chocolate fountain.

Becca made the silly mistake of showing Jean her Piglet cusion - that was it Jean had a great time - the cusion however definatly needs cleaning due to a)baby drool, b)baby puke and c)snotty baby with a cold!

(I know this blog isnt in order now cos I'm a muppet and forget to post so I'm trying to make up for that!)

Rain Rain Rain (by )

Yesturday it rain not constantly but in heavey quick down pours of the sort that you cant see anything and the rain hurts!

When we went to leave to take me to my appointment we discovered that we had an extra river running under the van - and an extra waterfall next to the little garage!

Though this stopped shortly after the rain the waterfall was fearsome and strange brown foam about 1 ft high appeared in the stream were the chicken wire is?!? What was this stuff? Was it were the water was so turbulent full of mud and cow doodoos?

Babara said she had never seen th water like that ever and she's lived here for more than 50 yrs!

Today at the ‘farm’ (by )

Today I went out to try and harvet more dandilion flowers for the wine but alas I got about five individual flowers compared to the buckets full I was bringing in a few weeks ago - I am not worried as I know that there will be more flowers shortly its just that they plants all currently have 'clocks' but these will soon go and the yellow will be back.

So instead I harvested some dandilion leaves to dry for the tea and as a seasoning - I havent picked anywhere near enough but it is a start and I have to be careful not to pick more than I can process anyway - as the leaves all need washing etc....

I was going to pick some Cow Pasley or wild chervil but then discovered that I wasnt happy with identifying it - though I am definate that I can tell it from Hemlock and fools parsley it turns out that there are several other similar plants which are all mildly poisonous! So that project has been put on the side until I can ask an expert 🙁

Still I got out the peat pots and seed trays and planted sweetcorn, cualiflower, courgettes and lemon coriander.

Our cherry tomartoes are about ready to go in the ground though we are going to have to do some prep for that first! On the plus side we found out that the 'weeds' that appeared to have taken over the veggy patch are acyually potatoes and Fat Hen both of which are edible so we are calling them a crop instead!

Radishes (by )

Becca Radishes are mainly a salad thing.

All eats them by themselves but they can have a strong peppery taste so I would advise that you get some nice greens for a salad, like rocket, lettice maybe some cuccumber and peppers to eat with them.

You should wash them then 'top and tail' them - this means you cut off the spindle hair-like root bit and the bit where the leaves attach. Then you can leave whole or slice or if you are feeling really adventurous then you can cut a zing zag around the 'equator' of the radish creating to 'flowers' from the radish - my dad used to do this for my lunch all the time - places on a slice of cucumber it becomes a water lilly!

Dads other 'peice-de-la-resistonce' is where you slice half way into the radish and then 'wrap' the knife around it in a spiral as you go. Then place the radish which should still appear whole, into a glass of water where a) it will end up with amilder taste and b) the radish will open up into a lovely spiral.

Do not top and tail until just before eating as they can shrivel not being shop bough ones injected with water!

Hope that was helpful

I think the Japanese may do lots of other things with radishes but then they have lots of types of radish!

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