NEON (by )

NEON is the user interface system for ARGON. I've not designed what the UI will "look like", since I think that would be a stupid thing to do - different people need different UIs, especially when they have differing hardware (think mobile devices, wearable computers, and interaction devices for the blind, in particular). But what I have been designing is the UI architecture, by which applications will expose their interface in such a way that different UIs can map them to their available hardware.

Anyway, I've had some pretty similar ideas to Tuomo Valkonen - who has an idea called VIS. So I finally dropped him an email detailling my thoughts, focussing on how they differ from VIS: Read more »

Applications versus Documents (by )

Applications suck.

Many individual applications suck, yeah, but the concept of applications as they're implemented these days inherently sucks.

Read more »

mew :( (by )

Came down to reassemble/hoover the fireplace and lo! yet another kitten egg has appeared during the night 🙁 - obviously they aren't as house trained as we thought :'(

Is that the Baby? (by )

At dinner today I kept hearing a sound that could have been the baby whimpering (she was already tucked up in bed) or something like an owl hooting outside - after making Als life a misery and a checkup on the baby it was discovered that the noise was infact the sound air makes going through Als nose when he breaths!

He says that when there is a sleeping baby you'd better be quiet around me - not becuase you'll wake the baby but becuase I will panic!

Feeling a tad silly now - I should have just checked on the baby monitor in hindsight - oh well.

Cleaning the Fireplace (by )


Well there was a distinct untrianed kitten smell wafting arounf the living room, so I went on a hunt - failing to find anything - the kittens were being good little kittens right?

Well I'm sure they think they are!

I thought to myself - hmmm if I was a kitten and I couldnt find/make it to the litter tray where would I go? My eyes fell upon our fire place, still covered in ash from the winter - I poked at the ash bucket but that seemed clear. Now I have been remiss and havent even really thought about the fireplace for months - I vaguely remember asking Al to sweep it out (which appears never to have happened - poor polyps have been to bizzy!).

So it begain, I cleared the coal bucket (a lovely copper giant preserving pan that we stilll need to polish to its full glory!), ash bucket and old tea chest come wood holder, plus the kindling baskets out. My fears were confirmed 🙁 The little darlings had weed in the shelfy bit at the front of the wood burner - all over two boxes of matches, I though hmmm, there's a lot of ash under the wood burner - hmmm - so I prized out the metal erm... well I've dubed it the iron gurder! that sits underneith for some unspesified perpose.

All tongs and the such like have been relocated to the sink for washing due to me being paranoid!

I got the shovel and cleared the cavity under the fire and lo! montians of kitten poo - me not happy 🙁 me horrified - me vowed to clean everything more 🙁 erm... but I may have to find some way to cuase time dialation!

After the shoverling there came the dust pan and brushing - this took a lot of elbow as I had to lay on my front to get right into the far corners under the fire! Then the hoovering - this was sort of fun though it made the kittens head for the hills! I surveyed my work and noticed that there was suspicousness on the shelf infront of the 'oven cupboard' in the fireplace alcove. Cursing the kittens I went to get the warm water and disinfectant - I scrubbed the shelf, fire and wall only to find that all the paint is flaking off!

Walls cleaned, the mopping begain - mopping done - I have to wait for it all to dry in order to hoover a second time as little flecks of white paint are addhering to the stone in the thin film of water.

So the fireplace now looks worse than when I started as there is stone work showing messily through the paint! And on top of that I triped over the 'iron gurder' meaning my right foot is killing me and pelvis aches:( Oh well at least its clean even if the house does now smell like a hospital!

I don't believe it!

We went to get Jean from nursery and one of the kittens (probably Hydrogen) has laid a small montian of turd neatly in the corner - Al is cleaning it up for me:(

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