Boxing Day Madness (by )

This morning Al couldnt open his eyes, not suprising as they where gummed last night. Jeans had conjuntavitis for the last few days and Al knew he was coming down with it but we where hoping - it appears that they both have a slight avertion to the soot that the smokeless coal makes 🙁

Anyway I spent a good half an hour cleaning his eyes out with salt water this morning - Poor babe has a phobia about things touching his eyes which dint help! Once he could see again we found the duty phramacist and headed out. In boots whilst he looked at things I pushed Jean in her pushchair - this was my fatal mistake - the cold and effort stuck and bam! My pelvis seized in a very painful way. Still Al got a special eye ointment and we lurked to the nearest coffee/place I could sit down. Fortunatly the place was warm enough to take coats etc... off - this helped muchly with the pain and stiffness though it did mean we missed the shops to buy certian supplies like - orange juice and parsnips 🙁

Back at home I had to attempt to put the ointment in Als eye! This was near impossible and had him physically fighting me at some points. It was worse when I did his bad eye than when I put the gunk in the good eye. The other problem was that I started doing my 'mothering' voice which had him cracking up with laughter. in the end I had to get him singing rude versions of christmas carols whist I did a fast in and squirt jobby!

Of course he then couldnt see so I wrapped him up warm on the setee and cats came and saw him!


Unfortunatly one of the kittens descided that they would climb the christmas tree that we've put on the window seal (the window sills in this house being like half a meter deep etc...) Becuase it had to fit in a short space we had to not use the bottom teir which ment we couldnt use the stand - so it was standing in a Farleys Follow on Milk tin, full of marbles - this had worked really well but the kittens weight was too much.

I saw it start to go and shouted NO! Ran too it and caught it but not before the marbles had tipped - of course poor Al could only hear what was going on and was calling 'Sarah Sarah are you all right?' I was trying to answer whilst wrestling a tress and having a coughing fit. Still I sorted it out but then my hands wouldnt work proberlly and my pelvis decided to kick in - so we still havent had our lunch - bar Jean who we fed before doing the eye treatment!

Still it all turned out ok in the end - Al is currently sleeping underrnieth two cats! Jean is sleeping too - I'm going to reheat left overs including Leopard Pie! as soon as Al wakes up. We have Christmas music playing and well there are 12 days of Christmas so....

The cats at least are getting inot the spirit!

Minni gets festiveChristmas Kitten

And I had a pyro moment when I found our candy cains where a bit demented! Burn, burn, MELT - evil Genius laugh.

Melting!Burning!Candy Cains

Merry Christmas! (by )

Our day has been fun even if we all have colds from hell - and we've just finsihed our dinner which was seduled for 2 pm due to an unfortunate incident of us not remembering to get the pastry out for defrosting the night before!

Still the cats loved their special Turkey meals we made them and Jean loves stuffing balls and chocolate - which we found made her strangly hyper and naughty in a way we raely see - it seemed to corrasponde with the choc and not the exciting presant opening so we is gonna keep an eye on that one!

Little baby definatly had fun! - Here she is with her stocking!

Jeans Stocking

Unfortunatly Santa had bought her a water pistol which she spepnt ages hugging - she got this presant about a month ago when she went to see him in his grotto!

Me Gun!

She then climbed off of the setee and aimed it right at our Santa cushion! Karma?

Die Santa!

Fortunatly he also brought her this cool Xylophone which to my amazement she actually cuaght onto how to 'play' it!

Jean on the Xylophone

This is her seconded favourite presant - her first favourite is a wooden Noahs ark! That Barbara has given her - she spent ages taking all the animals out and putting them back in again - unfortuantly she managed to catch me with the horn of one animal - giving me a minute cut under the eye - said animal has been removed and will be returned when she is a bit bigger! She also fell over and clouted herself on it resulting in a bit of a shiner! But its still her favourite reguardless of the injuries incurred!

Hope everybodoy else is having a fab time 🙂

oh and shiner = black eye.

Christmas Eve in the Old Bakery (by )

We finally got round to decorating but called it tradition!

DecorationsMe Help!

Jean loved 'helping' with putting up the decs!

We have eaten cheese and cracker and a few mince pies - wrapped all those presants we had forgotten to wrap - missed the village festivaties as felt too ill. Jean is loving it so far. I di consider cancerlling Christmas altogether after I trod on a bualble destroying it and then in the process of picking the others up crushed a nice little wooden one and then Al droped a maglite onto my christmas mug and then I droped a bell on the cats milk dish - ablittorating it! Then my tacky christmas clock appeared to be broken meaning the little snowmen and reindeers didnt go round in a circle whilst playing christmas carols but it was just on the wronge setting so Christmas was back on 😉

Jean is really into it at the mo - She even sprinkeled the special magic reindeer food her grandmother sent.

Magic food

Unfortunatly her sprinking it was very rapid and so I missed the exact moment with the camera!

Al n JeanSprinklesIts mine not the Reindeers!

The thing is though - it appears to really work!


Reindeer stake anyone?

Jean has also been really busy at nursery making things, for a while now she has been coming home with bits of glitter still attached or paint under the nails - this is becuase she has been a very busy young lady - I have posted about the things she made on the Salaric Craft Blog - so go there!

Scare in the Bath (by )

I'm such a wolly - I really am - there I am having a nice relaxing bath, headache appears to have gone - lalalalala - when I decide to wash my face - I was using the cream dolphine flannel - so imagine my horror to take away the flannel I'd been scrubbing on my face, only to see too large patches of bright red blood - sort of in the shape of my face!

I am ashamed to say I paniced and shouted for Al, 'where the hell is this blood coming from?' The answer? Well my headache was gone cos I had a minor nose bleed and of course in the water it seemed like a lot more blood than it was!

I'm such a muppet I used to get daily nose bleeds so I should have realised - sigh.

Still Alaric was a magnificent knight in shining... erm.... underpants?

My Story Line for Tron 2 (by )

First of all for those who don't know about Tron! This is a story about how a little bit of each programmer ends up in the program - towit - little versions of the programmer are running around in an electric world - which is very pretty and very styalised and very cool. This was one of my favourite films as a kid - me and my brother begged for fresbys so we could throw them at each other! Of course David always cheated 🙂

I would keep the Tron world pretty similar to the origional to be honest. The parts of the film in the electronic world have not dated unlike the 'real world' scense. I would not however have the main interface as vedeo games as they are too realistic these days - ie no more space invaders and more actually people running around which just wont work! Back then most people didnt really have a concept of computers but they did (if young enough) know about vedeo games and arcades - this is not the case today. My Beavers know more about how to us a computer than many of our helpers and they are only six!

Having said this I think that having the tanks and thing from the first film would still be plusable as it is part of the Tron world - especially as you could show 'retro gaming' (ok I made that phrase up) as fore shadowing - I know lots of people who hunt down the old style games - its sort of afashion thing so no problem there!

As it would probably be a PG made by Disney or Pixa I would have the main protagonist as a young teenager - simpky becuase many people are programmers as adults but a kid who mucks about in their spare time and is intelligent can still be as good as someone coming out of uni with a computing degree!

Throw in some family issue - say perant divorce or some such and have the perant/s work for some big science industry thingy. Have someone have to work late or take the kid in during the holidays and sit them at a terminal etc... etc... Now how to get them into the computer and why that needs a bit more work. But instead of lasers like the first film you coould have nano tech but this I feel would be parralleling too much with the origonal so why not have it as a new uploading your concousness technology. Put helmet on and wam - your in the system in a little glowing cuicritry outfit.

Now what the intrege would be I havent thought up yet but the world itself would be like Tron only bigger with more and different things like the solar sailor - there is the internat and intranets all of which are considerably bigger than when Tron was made. I feel that fire walls would be a fun thing to represent as would the nasty things like worms, viruses etc... I realise that this is where the artists and the computing people would probably start arguing 🙂

Ok so this isnt really a story line I realise that but its an idea, a concept but I bet it'll be made with too flashy graphics and be too paralelled with the first one - sigh.

Oh of course the kid would meet versions of the adults in the system and so learn lots about them in real life - blah blah blah!

Feel free to post your suggestions for a Tron 2 as a comment 🙂

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