Fire (by )

We found these 'cheeta logs' that we used to cheat and start the fire when were realised our twig collection had got damp!

They are strange cylinders of compressed brushwood and are sold in Weyvales as a way of helping the cheetas and the environment - I think the eco benifiets would probably be voided by the fuel of transport but we can only hope I am wronge.

Still they will help the cheetas and we only use them when we are cheating! Also the burn in a funky way - I had to take photos!

Burn baby burnDisco inferno!


Visiting Relatives (by )

Yesturday we got to meet some of Alaric's far flung relatives - we enjoyed a great lunch talking with Roger and Delores who I think are Als Dads cousin anf wife - but am not too sure!

Jeans Vocabulary (by )

Its growing!

She says things like ubbish for bits of paper she picks up or any food she decides she doeant want anymore of!

'All gone' is her latest which normally involves me being handed an almost empty bekker or bottle and being looked at expectantly.

We do however have the same argument with her every morning,

'Shoes!' 'No they're socks Jean.' 'Shoes!' 'Socks.' 'Shoes!' 'Definatly socks these are your shoes, those are socks.' 'Shoes!' 'Thats right they're your shoes' 'Shoes!' 'No Jean they're your trousers.' 'Shoes!' 'Yes they are shoes but Jean you're already wearing some shoes.' 'Shoes!' 'Yes Jean they are Daddys shoes you can't... oh you can wear them as well as your own shoes - cleaver baby!'

Even my sparkly red high heels had her cooing shuoosh at them - now she says shoe properlly though there is still some confussion over what it means, we think!

She has also taken to trying to help me clean, unfortunatly this also means she will empty her beaker in order to blot up all the water!

Black splodges (by )

Sigh - to our annouance it looks like I'm going to have to do some serious stain treatment on the bedding and stuff that got hit by the mank from the highchair 🙁 Standard techniques have left them all with black splodges, including Jeans nice white fleece blanket!

On top of that we have yet another leak in the kitchen - so that needs to be sorted out tonight - at least I hadnt yet got round to shampooing the kitchen carpet!!!

Black Water Mank (by )

Sigh - I think I've killed the highchair.

Today I was moving the highchair into the kitchen for cleaning - I dont normal move it as its quiet heavy, I sort of accidently tipped it on its side and black water ran out of the metal pipes that serve as frame and legs.

It went everywhere, over the carpet, over the settee, over our guests beding, over the bottom half of the bookcase, over Jeans bouncer and small teddy, and over me!

I was not happy - now me and Sasha are faced with about four loads of washing - we are hoping the black comes out, and the prospect of having to carpet clean the hold of the living room and kitchen where it sits oozing 'rust water'.

We think that maybe water has been getting in when I've been cleaning it or something and has been sitting in the tubes rusting 🙁 Also I broke the strap yesturday - one of the prongs just snaped off whilst I was strapping Jean in and I noticed that the plastic material that covers the seat is starting to crack revieling the foam undernieth. I'm wondering if it is just its time to die or weather I used too harsh cleaning chemicals for the plastic or something?

I think it is definatly on its last legs though 🙁

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