Minni Helping Alaric Work (by )

Minni helping

Putrescible Waste (by )

Idiocy - true idiocy.

Today I walked past several resturants who had their waste out ready for collection - now for a start there was so much of it, it was spilling out of their bins and secondly what should I see but lots and lots of food scraps - salad etc...

Why is this compostible stuff being wasted when we are still mining the endangered habitates of the peat bogs for gardening?

This is idiocy on many levels - there are bacteria composters which would surely be safe for restruants as they are sold as safe for the kitchen? If the individual restruants can not be held accountable for this gross negligance then what of the the refuse company and council? Why are restruants not given special bins? Have they been and they are just not using them?

It disturbed me how much glass appeared to be mixed in as well - sigh.

All this food waste results in putrescible waste i.e stuff that goes putrid, stuff that can go liquid and leach or ooze its way out of the landfil sites and contaminate the water etc... This is a major problem in the waste disposible industry to the point of millions being spent on lining the pits to prevent this oozing - but what a waste of resources and money all round. Not only would most of this stuff make good fertilizers reducing the need for man made stuff but it cuases so many contamination issues it is untrue.

Again this is an example of humans who should know better being so stupid it is astounding.

I'm going off to drain our wormery now and sulk.

Snow, Ponys and Mothers Day (by )

I was awoken today by a baby brandishing a much scribbled on envolope and in fact she was still scribbling and indeed - she refused to give over what Daddy inisted she had for Mummy!

After a bit of wrestling and a little bit of a winge Jean gave me the lovely card she picked herself in Tescos - apparently it was the shiniest one there - fortunatly its purple shiny 🙂 So obviously she knows my tastes already!

She'd signed it herself too - there was a lovely scribble - an improovement on last year ink foot and hand print!

She had also made me a presant at nursery which was also wrapped in purple paper!!! How did they know?

It's that poem about sticky finger prints everywhere that i remember David (my brother) coming home from Playshcool with. It was surrounded by her hand print in gold paint and laminated with a glittery hanging up thing!

I've put it up in the bedroom as I was feeling sentimental!

Today has actually been a veryu strange day what with snow, torrential down pours, hail and lovely warm sunshine? Then ontop of that some ponys have moved into the paddock - fortunatly they have coats on or rugs or what ever they are called as it really begain snowing heavily just as they had finished moving them in!

Poor Jean was mistaken as a boy yet again! The owner of the ponys assumed that the blue baby grow and blue coat meant she was a boy.

Actually Jeany had a bit of a nasty fall today 🙁 She was running along the drive and had a bit of a dive bomb, wham straight on her beak - she has a graze and bump to show for it. We were really worried as when she got up again she appeared to not be able to walk and kept falling over. Thinking that she must have hit her head really hard we scooped her inside to have a proper look - this was when Al found that her wellys were mysteriously full of stones!

No wonder she couldnt walk - they must have been working their way down the wellys. Jean really likes stones and rocks she's even trying to smuggle them into the house now!

Kitten Cuaght Shrew Released into the Wild (by )



Can we keep it?

Light and Shadow (by )

The sun was disappearing over the hills and produced this fantastic golden light and deep dark shadows - Barabara came to tell me so that I could take phots - here they are!

Light and shadow

Golden tips

Strange lighting

golden trees

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