Of Flowers and Day Moons (by )

I saw a sliver of white moon in the blue blue sky and the flowers varilly glowing in the warm sunlight and so I tried to take a picute of it.

Its hard work but there is a day moon in each of these pictures. Even without spotting that tiny sliver I think the composition of the pictures them selves are buetiful. What do people think?

I want critasism here people.

Day moon


Purple moons

Cranham Moonwalk 2007 (by )

moon walk

On Saturday there were lots of Races for Life and various other fund raising events for Breast Cancer. Here in Cranham they had a Moon Walk in which only women were allowed to take part, mainly I think becuase they were in bras to do the walk! And though it was a bit chill and many of the ladys wore their bras on the out side of their jumpers quiet a few were indeed wearing just their bras! Some decorated them with liquorice alsorts just to add to the affect!.

I decided that it wasn't a good idea to go on the walk as a) I didn't have any money to go, b) David and Michelle were visiting and c) I thought as I'm going on camp with a hernia this weekend I;d better not do anything that could agravate it to much!

But we happened to be halfway through their chosen route so Barabara had said they could stop for drinks and was joining them for the last leg of the walk. As it was a moon walk I set the telescope up so they'd be able to see the small sliver of moon that was presant. Unfortunatly the trees kept getting in the way but finially I found a spot that would be right - set it all up - perfect.

We then heared in the distance the giggling of many women without males presant and just as the first one appear the single cloud in the sky drifted straight across the moon - this had a tendency to happen with me a telelscopes but I knew this being England it was lickly to happen :/

Still everywhere got decorated with bras - including the hawthorn tree with the kettle in the fore court bit.

A good time was had by all and I only got slightly covered in wine - though my equal rites side is still going grrr!!!! Gender specific event - I know I know they were in bras I just can help it k!

Of Waterfalls and Wooden Planks (by )

After the heavey rain the plank of wood that goes over the top of the waterfall to raise the level of water in the water garden (the pond) was missing - we found it at the bottom of the water fall - here are some pics of Alaric and Babara getting it back out again.

Retrieving the plank Still trying

Clearing the dead stuff (by )

End of April and the beginning of May we discovered is the time to clear out all those dead plants and things that sit there in the flower beds dwarfing the flowers that they were last year.

Al clearingCutting down the dead stuff

You snap the dead stuff off which is really easy most of the time and then its bomfire time which as pyros is fun 🙂


Jean decided to help 🙂

Jean helping

New Turf Path (by )

Over six week ago now we cleared our veggi plot and split it in half with a turf path - mainly becuase I couldnt reach things easily to water/weed them - the trueth is I still struggle slightly with this but the path has made things alot easier. Here are some photos of the process - complete with Jean 'helping' 🙂

I am helping! Looks to much like hard work to me Yay! Digging the plot I am the MAN Mysterious pose To the compost

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