Sea Themed Party! (by )

As always we are having a party for Jean's birthday.

Due to various reasons I'm not going to put the detials of when and where on here but most of peeps who we actually know have other ways of contacting us - if not leave a comment and we'll email you back.

Anyway - it's sea themed fancy dress though adults don't have to dress up!

I have a selection of kids crafts including volcanos, telescopes, parrots, fish, pirate hats and treasure making!

Hope to see peeps 🙂

The Cat that Thought She was a Shoe (by )

Dad went to the shoe rack in the kitchen to change into his slippers to go upstairs and read to Jean when he noticed that I had a new pair of fluffy black boots that I had inconsideratly placed upon his slippers.

He grabbed hold of said boots to shift them only to find he had a hand full of a very miffed Mini. To make things worse - he had hold of the the bit with teeth in it!

It made him jump and go 'arg!' and Mini retreated further into the shoe rack where she still remains pretending to be a shoe! Albeit a very cross shoe.

I’m Hungry All the Way Up to the Sky (by )

Jean is being most inventive with description at the moment - for being very hungry she said, 'I'm hungry all the way up to the sky Mummy, my tummy is pointing to the clouds, I'm that hungry.'

I gave her a bowl of cereal!

But she is coming out with lots of things like this and now she has started telling me stories too - long involved stories about toys and the like 🙂

She wants to write them but doens't know how to form the words yet - if she continues in this vein I have some fun projects to do with her to help develope her language skills and the like.

Obviously she will be starting school in Septmeber and there is going to be a bit of homework from that so it depends on how interested she remains with the story and writing stuff.

Due to the dyslexia I think there is going to have to be alot of 'lets look that word up in the dictionary' which means it will take longer but I can't see any other way around it and the system worked well when I was doing my work experience and was left in charge of the 'spelling wall' I am even tempted to make a spelling wall for her room to help with this.

We have been steadily working through the work booklets I picked up for her and she still seems to be enjoying them.

Photo Booth and the inbuilt iSight make a fairly good shaving mirror (by )

I was hairy, and therefore sadBut then I found my shaver!With my facial hair removed, I am happy.

Designing a general data model (by )

All that talking about HYDROGEN was such fun, I was sad it was over.

So what could I explain about ARGON next? My design for CHROME is currently just a list of features and a plan for how to put them together, with no details whatsoever; TUNGSTEN is still in flux because I have research to do in the field of replicated storage, LITHIUM depends on TUNGSTEN, MERCURY depends on CARBON and LITHIUM, and so on.

So, I guess I'll have to talk about IRON, which is a data model.

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