Poetry and Piaf (by )

Coming up in Cheltenham on the 31st March-1st of April is The Cheltenham Poetry Festival and I am going to be doing a few things at it 🙂

First off I am reading my Piaf poem at the Poetry and Piaf events which is very exciting as I love listening to the singer perform Piaf's songs and telling us about her life and the tragedy of it.

Tickets are £10 incase any of you want to come along 🙂

The next thing I will hopefully be doing though is not yet confirmed is Murder in the Chapel which is an interactive sluething event and looks like lots of fun 🙂

Lastly I may have a slot reading/performing my poetry in the Beechwood shopping center but again that has not been confirmed yet - if I do then there will be some sci/tech poetry 🙂

Photos (by )

Photographing Mary

Uncle David and Aunty Michelles visit (by )

Just before Mary was a month old my brother and his fiance came to visit 🙂 Mainly we hung around the house due to me not really being well enough to go out though I did manage one outing to the Beefeater at the Twelve Bells which was lovely 🙂

There was lots of film watching and chatting and Mary and Jean snuggles 🙂 Complete with new cuddly toys for all and some funky pens with stamps at one end which Jean has been using continually since the visit! (Though annoyingly sometimes on herself :/ )

Aunty Michelle and Mary Cuddles Uncle David and Mary Cuddle Film time with Aunty Michelle Family cuddle with Uncle David

Chinese New Year (by )

Jean was really keen to do Chinese New Year so we made lots of lanterns and coughs got a take away and Jean put on her 'chinese' outfit and selected her chop sticks and away we went 🙂

Jean and chop sticks

Pancake Day (by )

Daddy and Mary eating pancakes Jean eating pancakes

I managed to make pancakes for pancake day though there were a few burnt ones due to having to sit down etc.. but we had a normal mix of topping mostly (I hadn't managed to grow any bean sprouts this year due to that whole having a baby thing). We had blue cheese and bananna and condensed milk and sugar and lemon juice and grated chocolate and peanut butter (chrunchy) and marmite 🙂

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