Green Unconference (by )

Today I attended the first ever Green Unconference in Long Ashton near Bristol, organised by Daniel Lewis. It was an amazing setting with brilliant speakers - I only wish more of the people I'd invited had turned up but apparently most of them hadn't seen the FaceBook invite until the event was actually taking place 🙁

Daniel Lewis opening the Green Unconference Lady speaker at the Green Unconference Diodynamic farmer giving his talk at the Green Unconference

I have come away saddened but optermistic and re-energised about the stuff I do to try and be a bit more friendly to the planet. Everything from government policies to how to garden to how to save/use waste food to feed those who are increasingly needing to use the food banks in this country was disguessed. I myself did an Upcycling and Junk Art workshop - complete with a mini talk and slides.

Sarah Snell-Pym explaining Ucycling and Junk Art at All Saints Church Long Ashton at the Green Unconference

It was the most gorgous setting for a workshop

Beautiful backdrop for the Upcycling and Junk Art Workshop Upcycling and Junk Art workshop at the Green Unconference Visual Poetry of one of the participants of the Green Unconference 2012

The girls were about as well behaved as I think I could realistically expect :/ I think Jeany eat most of the buffet before we officially had stopped for lunch!

Sisters sharing food whilst being relatively good at the Green Unconference The family lunching at the Green Unconference near Bristol

I'm glad that people are taking on board that the average family can not afford or percieves at the least that they cannot afford organic food and that steps are being taken towards sorting this out. I wish I had managed to catch a few more of the talks but they clashed with my workshop and we had to leave early due to having triple booked ourselves for the day :/

I am going to attempt write up a few more of my junk art and upcycling projects. In making the slide show I realised I had a lot of material which I may try to collect together into at min an ebook.

(There will be a follow up post or two of the fantastic photos I got of bits of the church though I forgot to take one from outside 🙁 )

And talking of e-books don't forget to download your copy of The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry before midnight on the 31st of October! Click the image below for your free PDF.

The Little Book Of Spoogy Poetry

Halloween Hunt At Primrose Vale 2012 (by )

Pumpkin Flag

We went to Primrose Vale Farm shop for the Halloween Hunt as we have done for the last few years but we were an hour early so we had our breakfast which we were going to have as an elevenses later on. Jean was horrified that it didn't start until 10 am 'That's nearly lunch time!'

Breakfast pastries outside at the Farm Shop Witches eat breakfast at Primrose Vale Farm Shop I has cupcake! Hmmm cakes okay mummy

Mary resented being in her buggy so went off for a wonder.

Mary off for a wonder Mary trying to decide weather this counts as sitting down to eat

Her sister joined her

Jean and Mary off for an explore

Then they went to play on the swings

Sisters on the swings at Prom Rose Vale Farm Shop

There was the cutest blonde bunny that Jean pointedly ignored (still being too sad about Blacky Buns departure to the meadow in the sky) and that Mary spent ages pointing too and announcing Ca'!

Cutest blonde bunny rabbit Mary talking to the bunny

Me and Jean had the most delicous icing and chocolate covered apple danishes whilst Mary had everything free batty cupcake that Mummy had made especially for her little allergy bunny.

Batty Cakes!

Jean decided that being in her lovely coat and wearing her pretty dress it was time to go and do some construction work.

Jean digging in the dirt whilst in a pretty dress and formal coat

Mary decided that it was time to leave home and found herself a nice little shack

Mary exploring the wendy house at Primrose Vale Farm shop

We then went on the Halloween Hunt which both girls loved!

Witchy Pooh Jeany Operation shoot the ghost! Jean hooking pumpkins at Primrose Vales Halloween Hunt Cauldron at Primrose Vale Farm Shop Jean hooking a spider Outside the Haunted House!

Jean loves Harry Potter and Scooby Boo so was very very happy with a few of the things on the Halloween trail 🙂

Jean by Beedle The Bards Grave Stone

Jean tried to show Mary how the Pumpkin and spoon race worked but didn't entirely do it properlly herself!

Jean trying to show Mary how the Pumpkin and spoon race is supposed to work Jean 'I'm not cheating! at the spoon and pumpkin race' Primrose Vale Farm shop

Mary just didn't get it at all but loved running around with the minni pumpkin!

Mary taking part in the Pumpkin race

So much so that Jean decided to buy her one to take home with us!

Jean selecting a diddy pumpkin from Primrose Vale Farm Shop

The girls loved the maze thingy made of trees and we started working on a poem about it - maybe it will make it into a little book of poetry at some point :).

In the maze of wooded bower

I found a cool piece of farm equipement to photo - sadly I forgot to ask what it was for 🙁

Funky Farm Machine

We then walked down to Subway for lunch and saw a heron! It flew right over the top of us in it slow ungainly way - Jean couldn't remember what it was just that it was one of the 'Mill' birds.

Heron in Town Heron on a Roof

If you want to see any of the photos in a bigger format just click on them 🙂

Also don't forget to download your free copy of The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry - it is only free until midnight on the 31st of October!

The Little Book Of Spoogy Poetry

Green Unconference 2012 (by )

Saturday I will be running an Upcycle and Junk Art workshop as part of the fantastic programme for the first ever Green Unconference.

This pot of flowers made from an old New Scientist mag, a tin can and a jumper will be on of the things I will be showing people how to make 🙂 Upcycled pot of flowers made out of old New Scientists

I will also have some other bits with me including stuff to make visual poetry greeting cards, collage and maybe a festival sheep (if I can fit it in with the kids in the car!). There are going to be some really cool talks going on at the Unconference so if anyone is in the Bristol/Bath area they should check it out 🙂 Its all free by the way.

Anniversaries :) (by )

This weekend saw my brother and sister-in-laws 1st wedding anniversary (well not actually it was like the weekend before or something but close enough) 🙂 I made cake and things - photos of that will be on here as soon as I can get Al to upload them off his phone!

Reading the Little book of Spoogy Poetry

It was also my mum and dad 34th anniversary on the Sunday so we had some lovely outings 🙂 And I'm looking forward to doing a large 35 cake for next year 😉

We went to the Cathedral and the Beatrix Potter place and cream teas were involved.

Mary and the Thimbles Jean enjoying a cream tea candle stick mouse mouse on shelf textile book rainbow spokes Mouse statue The Tailor of Gloucester mice tailors mice sewing Rolly Polly Puddin  A mouse sat down to spin Jeany loving the little mice sewing Model of the Cathedral Ferfer and Mary meeting Simpkins Watching Beatrix Potter

Wow! And things I learnt (by )

I had over 100 downloads of my The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry yesterday and lots of lovely feedback - people seem to like the poems and love the illustrations. I am aware that it was basically friends or other writers from various social networks which might explain the lack of any negative feedback.

But I was thinking that I would only get 100 downloads over all and that I would probably be begging people on the 31st to download it to make it up to that number 🙂

I now have a cute vid of me and the girls reading some of the poems.

Mistakes I made - I forgot to sort out the IRC channel, and though I remembered Facebook in both personal, writer and artists page and the event itself, I completely forgot about MySpace. I discovered I didn't really know how to use Google+ Hangouts and that keeping tabs on what I'd posted to which twitter account, linkedIn and FB was a bit of a headache (plus keeping three blogs upto date) - the solution to that is to get around to sorting something like tweetdeck out on this laptop which would allow me to see and post updates to all of them at the same time!

I should have also made more banners in a larger variety of sizes and made sure that my websites could express the example images ok.

Another mistake that I only really discovered this morning is that I run the launch party on British time but I have very few actual readers in the UK. This ment my timezones were out and people arrived on the online stuff after I was asleep 🙁 This ment they missed out on author interaction but all the freebies were still sitting there for them.

Also as I haven't have my laptop for months I had sort of drifted off the radar of all the writing groups and chats and things like that and infact found that less people than normal spoke to me on Facebook yesterday :/ But it went well and I am happy 🙂

Having a few people actually physically here helped 🙂

Reading the Little book of Spoogy Poetry

In the future I think I would combine the virtual launch with the physical especially with The Little Books but I'm not quiet decided on that one yet 🙂 I think a listening party is needed at the bare minimum 😉

Jean and Mary thought it was all great.

Jeany Witch at The Virtual Launch of The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry

The PDF will still be available for free download until the 31st of October. Click the image below to download it 🙂

The Little Book Of Spoogy Poetry


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