Bristol Mini Maker Faire and My Creativi-Tea (by )

Saturday the 23rd of March 2013 is the Bristol Mini Maker Faire, maker faires are were arts, crafts and technology makers all get together to show off what they have been doing and exchange ideas etc... we are going and a few others people maybe coming with us which should be fun.

Creativi Tea

I have also been planning a Creativi-Tea event where friends can come over and we can exchange crafty know-how, so I am thinking it would be best to hold it on the Sunday so that friends who are visiting to go to Bristol anyway will be able to hang around for it 🙂

There will be cake and tea and sandwiches and limit of ten people. There has been quiet alot of interests in glass cutting and stuff so that is probably what we will focus on - though it can be tailored to those who come. There will be no charge for resources used but a collection bowl/url for donations to Shelter will be present.

Cuggles! (by )

Little Mary is now two! The last two weeks have seen her suddenly saying more understandable words, she asks for cuddles (cuggles), she says Dean (Jean which used to be meemee), she repeats and put her hands on her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, arm etc... she will sort of count with Jean as long as Jean goes slowely enough - just mimicry at the moment. And I was startled to hear her doing the alphabet with my mother.

She still mainly uses the baby sign and asks for milk in Lojban rather than English, she does appear to have taken to only trying to copy the English words though she responds best to the Lojban ones.

She is a little cheeky monkey who climbs on everything and escapes from everything!

She pretends to give herself injections in the tummy (just like my Dad does) and has started proper imagination play.

She was potty training and doing really well and then she forgot to pull her trousers down and now refuses not to have a nappy on. Unless it is near bed/nap time, she will tell us she needs changing - she knows that having her nappy changed is what happens before bed!

She is obsessed with cloths! She has opinions on what she will and will not wear and gets excited - she will even try and steel Jean's cloths - like the rainbow cardigan my mum knitted - 'MINE! Mine!'.

She sings nursery rhymes enough for me to guess what she is singing (normally twinkle twinkle little star), her grin is so large if I get it right 🙂

She mimics sounds so clicks like indicators (Jean did this too), makes a squeak like the broken tumble dryer and the scraping noises of zombies in Mine Craft.

If she wants to go out she will go to the clean laundary pile, select cloths, put her wellies on, get her ruck sack, fill it with toys and beaker, put her coat on and drag a blanket around - she gets very annoyed when you then say it's nap time. Sometimes we take her out just because she's put so much effort into it.

She is getting there with petting the cats and they tolerate being used as warm fluffy pillows.

She is still diddy but seems robust enough - not as much as Jean was she can't take the cold very well where as Jean never seemed to notice or want to really ware cloths!

She will tiggle tiggle you! This is high pitched and involves lifting your top and tiggling your tummy 🙂

She is a putting things away baby 🙂 She will tidy up putting stickle bricks away etc... unlike Jeany who is a messy little moo 🙂

She can get very cross - not laid back at all like her sister and is more clingy but at the same time is more likely to sit and play on the carpet next to the dest rather than having to have me entertain her. She loves her sister most of the time and runs up and hugs her but not when Jean is asking for hugs! Though if anyone is crying she will hug them.

I made Jean cry by telling her off about tidying bedrooms, Mary took one look at the poor sobbing Jean and instantly joined in and this was proper crying from both of them. I felt like a really bad mummy but had to stick to my guns.

Mary is definatly a hobbit - she has second breakfast though you are hard pushed to get anything other than a snack into her for the rest of the day.

Sunday Silliness :) (by )

Monster Feet

After Mary's belated birthday party we had two of Jean's friends stay over for the first ever sleep over which was fun for them but did result in a wee-wee incident and a bedroom you could no longer see the floor of!

Jeany was a little pedant and when I'd told the kids to move the luandary from the bottom bunk so the kids could sleep - I unthinkingly told Jean to move 'All her cloths' so they emptied the wardrobe and draws too but left the baby's cloths in place :/

After they went we did a bit of a clear up and Alaric went off to finish his ladder. Jean and my friend Charlee who had also stayed disappeared off and our garden was suddenly infested by giant pandas! I think it was a mummy and a baby!

Cheeky panda!

As we can see they had a good time.

Jeany bean the panda Little tail and little feet Panda cuases devistation in Snell-Pym garden Panda Jean Panda and babes Jean and the Giant Panda Panda heading towards Jean Giant Panda attacks Alaric Serious drinking panda

I especially like this photo of the baby panda!

Panda! Panda Cool

And this one of the big panda hugging the girls 🙂

Panda Charlee and the girls

Mary found a little LED flashing ring that Jean had bought at a festival and she would not put it down!

Mary and the glowing ring

My mum has been knitting Jeany a rainbow jacket for ages and Sunday was the day of trying it on - Jean loved it so much she refused to take it off even though it is not yet finished!

Cheeky Jean in her almost finished rainbow jacket

Rainbow knitting Jean and her coat of many colours

Mary was very excited to be the bell ringer for lunch time 🙂

Mary ringing the lunch bell

She had a great day of opening presents and cards and exploring the garden in the lovely sunshine which we had all so missed!

Mary on a mission

Mary opening her cards

Portrait of a Cat and Other Animals (by )

Cat portrait of Tom

I have of course been playing with the new camera - I really loved the way these photos of Tom came out 🙂

Tom Puss and the Hose Pipe

Also the bunny is settling in outside and seems very happy - the only issue is that him and the black and white cats now can't sniff at each other - something they are both finding hard. Though it would appear they have sort of worked around it 🙂

Helium and Fluffy becoming friends

Crowd Sourced Creative Ventures (by )

I love writing challenges and things like #FridayFlash and #StoryStarters on Twitter where there is an open community helping each other and giving writing prompts. So imagine my excitement when Neil Gaiman appeared on Twitter wanting prompts and inspiration for a set of stories!

He tweeted a question for each month with the hash tags #JanTales, FebTales and so on. I tried to stay up (he's in the US so time difference) to get all the months but only made it to July though the next morning I retraced and answered the remaining questions just for my own piece of mind.

I doubt any of my mine will be selected but that doesn't matter because if they are not then I have some prompts for my own writing.

The idea is sponsored by [BlackBerry who have been collecting all the tweets on a hub. And there will be charity calendar produced with crowd sourced art works as well (and yes I am hoping to do some pics for that to enter!).

This is a lovely idea as it draws in people and becomes something more than a story collection - it is in truth already a community - I have picked up one follower who was having issues with his writing prompt generator and I have suggested improvements to it and so on...

Anyway here are the questions and my answers:

Why is January so dangerous?

January is a time of change, the door way between one year and the next, a dangerous edge time #jantales

What is the strangest this to happen to you in February?

The strangest thing that has happened to me in Feb is I passed out in an art gallery & came round staring at a picture #febtale

What historical figure does March remind you of?

Queen Elizabeth the first as it was the first time I heard the legend of the Bisley Boy #Martale

What is your happiest memory of April

my little brother being born after so much waiting - that is the happiest April memory #AprTale

What is the weirdest gift you've ever been given in May?

A shovel over breakfast of a baby stoat in 3 pieces by an eccentric ancient aunt who thought we'd find it interesting. #MayTale

Where would you spend a perfect June?

The perfect June is spent with my family running workshops at festivals #Juntale not very interesting

What is the most unusual thing you have ever seen in July?

segway shopping basket grannies fighting and asking for gin - it was of course the stilt walkers latest get up #JulTale

If August could speak, what would it say?

My gown is covered in berries help me clean them up in time for a new golden gown of leaves #AugTale

Tell me something you lost in September that meant a lot to you.

A friend washed away in a flash flood whilst he was collecting soil samples in a small town near my home #SeptTale

What mythical creature would you like to meet in October? (&why?)

The Bunyip because when I was 4 my Australian aunts told me about it and I've always liked the stories #OctTale

What would you burn in November, if you could?

Hatred #NovTale

Who would you like to see again in December?

Too many people who I can't

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