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Soup (by )

I've had a bit of a rough day with nappy leaks and kittens chucking up and a Jeany who is still not quiet eating right etc... so we decided to do an easy dinner and I was getting the tins of soup down from the cupboard when Mary ecstatically started asking for the soup and pointing - specifically the tomato soup.

She finished the first bowl and asked for more, then finished that - I took a vid of me giving her her third bowl! She had a fourth as well!

Unsigned Sessions and Mention the Bear (by )

Me and Alaric finally made it out to see some live music - something which has not happened yet this year! We went to the Unsigned Sessions at The Playhouse in Cheltenham. These are run by The Record Shop down by the Norwood pub.

arty lighting

It was the first time we had been in The Playhouse which has a nice light fitting I took photos off to try and sort our how my camera works! I only found the black and white setting after the gig!


The first band was unfortunately ill but a young guy came on and played some cracking tunes - I can't remember what his name was unfortunately.

Alaric at the Play House Cheltenham

We then got a band called Red Shift who were a three piece band, a guitarists with two guitars, a saxophonist and flutist in one and the dude at the back with the squeeze box who I unfortunately was not in the right place to photo.

music in motion

They played some lovely covers - some of which had a depth the original songs never had.

Flute playing Red Shift

The guitarists voice put me in mind of David Bowe meets Pink Floyd with a little Bon Jovi thrown in.

sax playing

My one issue was I felt the Gnarls Berkely cover needed more energy, but having it sung by a warm female voice was genius 🙂

Red Shift Saxaphone

Then we got on to our friends' band, Mention The Bear, they were doing a 68 Come Back Elvis Special with guitar cases for percussion and more guitars than you can shake a stick at!

Mention the Bear Elvis Come Back

There was some serious hand blurring on the fret board happening and Richard did not disappoint with raw performance - if Elvis and Jim Morrison had had a love child... just watch the video I took!

Neither the film nor photos are as good as I wanted as I was just mucking about with settings to see what I got and some of them I didn't realise weren't quiet there until I got them up on a computer screen!

Richard Abberline Singing

See guitar case drum!

Stuart Wilding drumming on a guitar case

Richard standing to sing

Guitars galore!

Jon playing guitar

Guitar playing Play House Cheltenham

Dan rocking out!

Really rocking it

Dan Rocking it Playing rocka roll

Richard absorbed by the music.

Richard sings Elvis

Mention the Bear singing Elvis

guitar and sing

Jumping around time!

Jumping about

Singing Elvis

Jumping about whilst singing

Rich on hid knees

Bow down

Hug your fans

I was really happy to have an chance to wear my fifty style skirt I made last year (with modernish heavy metal themed material!) and my ancient blue suede boots 🙂 Though I am still disappointed there was no black leather!

Cirencester’s First Christmas Slam (by )

I had a great time on Friday at the first Poetry Slam to be held in Cirencester. It was organised by the fab Marcus Moore and Sara-Jane Arbury and was lots of fun. Of course I did not score very high but that is not why I go to them - this was my third Slam and I think I have drastically improved from my first one.

I performed Mummy's Socks from The Little Book of Festive Poetry and even sold a copy! Which means I have enough money to another book for the school library!

Here is a picture of me mid sock swing.

Sarah Snell-Pym performing at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester

I had a great time catching up with old friends plus it was my first time out in not completely flat shoes since Mary's pregnancy. So it was win win and yes I had to use the walking stick to get back to the car but that was due a) it being cold, b) having stood around chatting to people and c) having parked far away from the venue as our sat nav doesn't understand Cirencester!

Once again I got to perform with Breda Reed Brown who is The Gloucestershire Poet Laureate, Joy-Amy, Cloe who I normally see telling stories rather than reading verse! and The Luchador Poet. Plus the lovely Tommie who I met at the qualifier for the Cheltenham Literature Festival Slam.

This time I also had Alaric with me which was lovely as we got to have a meal together as well 🙂 Just a shame he has a cold at the moment so wasn't feeling to hot on the night! (hence no video!).

However there is a video of me performing the poems at The Brewery in Cheltenham last year!

And you can go and listen to nice recordings of the poems and my christmas story at my Bandcamp.

Wow! And things I learnt (by )

I had over 100 downloads of my The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry yesterday and lots of lovely feedback - people seem to like the poems and love the illustrations. I am aware that it was basically friends or other writers from various social networks which might explain the lack of any negative feedback.

But I was thinking that I would only get 100 downloads over all and that I would probably be begging people on the 31st to download it to make it up to that number 🙂

I now have a cute vid of me and the girls reading some of the poems.

Mistakes I made - I forgot to sort out the IRC channel, and though I remembered Facebook in both personal, writer and artists page and the event itself, I completely forgot about MySpace. I discovered I didn't really know how to use Google+ Hangouts and that keeping tabs on what I'd posted to which twitter account, linkedIn and FB was a bit of a headache (plus keeping three blogs upto date) - the solution to that is to get around to sorting something like tweetdeck out on this laptop which would allow me to see and post updates to all of them at the same time!

I should have also made more banners in a larger variety of sizes and made sure that my websites could express the example images ok.

Another mistake that I only really discovered this morning is that I run the launch party on British time but I have very few actual readers in the UK. This ment my timezones were out and people arrived on the online stuff after I was asleep 🙁 This ment they missed out on author interaction but all the freebies were still sitting there for them.

Also as I haven't have my laptop for months I had sort of drifted off the radar of all the writing groups and chats and things like that and infact found that less people than normal spoke to me on Facebook yesterday :/ But it went well and I am happy 🙂

Having a few people actually physically here helped 🙂

Reading the Little book of Spoogy Poetry

In the future I think I would combine the virtual launch with the physical especially with The Little Books but I'm not quiet decided on that one yet 🙂 I think a listening party is needed at the bare minimum 😉

Jean and Mary thought it was all great.

Jeany Witch at The Virtual Launch of The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry

The PDF will still be available for free download until the 31st of October. Click the image below to download it 🙂

The Little Book Of Spoogy Poetry


Extract of Spoogy (by )

Here is a cute video of me and the girls reading extracts from The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry 🙂

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