The Mischevious Adventures of Jean (by )

Jean has been up to lots of things :)

For a start thanks to our visit to a wiggly of babies she now says shoosh and points to her shoes, or as shes taking them off! We where in the car and she started repeating it over and over agian, Al said, 'Jeans talking about her shoes then,' just as there was a sound of velcro and the thud of the shoe hitting the floor!

She also knows that shes not allowed to throw her food on the floor so what does she do? She looks at you grinning mischeviously whilst slowely moving her hand containing food out over the edge of th highchair. She also says no and shakes her head if you say its bed time and she doesnt want to go!

I'm afraid she is a bit fluffy blonde girly - she cries when you take her shoes off her for bed and if you take them of to change her she screams the house down unless shes allowed to hug them (or at least she does when its daddy changing her but then I cuaght him giving in and putting her to bed in her shoes!!!).

Having to do the eye treatment on both Alaric and Jean has prooven interesting to! I did Jeans treatment first which she really really hates then I made the mistake of putting her on the floor to play and moving straight on to do Daddys eyes. She saw what I was doing and went mental - she hit me and everything whilst crying and saying da da da repeatedly. She got really distressed - got up onto his lap and wouldnt let go of him - I was definatly bad perant - not only had I annoyed her by doing her eyes but here I was trying to do the same to Daddy! Al explained he was there volunteerally but she still looked at me darkly.

Still its sweet (especially if your Alaric and not Sarah).

She has also definatly got an imagination these days - she talks to her toys, she hugs her cuddlies lots and lots and has favourites - she also hates dolls with a vengence - even though she has now started calling them baba. She is either scared or angry at them or both - either way she throws them away violently if you put one in a confined space with her - otherwise she just cries and looks at them suspicously but only whislt being securely hugged by a trusted adult. Bizar reaction really :/

Appart from that she loves the wooden toys best it seems she is currently shunning everything other than wooden toys or cuddlies!?

Still I am quiet proud of her - she typed mum and sent it to a freind of mine on MSN - dont beleive me? Well I've copied and pasted it in!

.//../.....l/],,k.kjkj[ll.l hkb n o o ,l k jmmjjhjmjm j jhii8hmj9u9 s s nhjjjbsjhssssjhjhhjgumum.,.l/,kjlliklk,nnnmmjnnnn

See! ok ok so its in the middle but we know what she ment!

She also had Ella confussed with algabra!

3W1±W3± MV,

Ella thought she was still talking to me for a good ten minuts - I was hoovering at the time and had stupidly left the laptop on the chair!


  • By Charlee, Wed 10th Jan 2007 @ 9:49 am

    Baba means Daddy. It was my first word, whilst naming my favourite toy, the panda. My second word was Daddy, my third was Money 😉

    Perhaps the doll thing isn't that odd, perhaps she think's their sick humans and that disturbs her?

    And perhaps Jean has discovered the meaning of life with that equation, I wouldn't give up on it just yet Ella 😉

  • By Ella Gale, Thu 11th Jan 2007 @ 2:27 pm

    I was a bit confused at the algebra, I must admit. I was waiting for an equals sign before I interrupted!

  • By Steve Snell, Mon 29th Jan 2007 @ 1:10 am

    Would appreciate someone from this family emailing me. I found this site through Henry's site which i found on a google search. I think that we may be distantly related because of the saxon in Henry's name

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