Things that go Bump in the Night (by )

There was a huge racket - cats sounding like they were doing some serious damage to each other so bravely armed with a Mag Lite I went out (after switching on the out door light and noticing Barabara had come out of the Mill).

Tim chased a sorry looking Betsy passed my door with Barabara shouting at him, I shouted at him and they belted passed me. They jumped over the stream.

Then to the realisation - Barabara thought that Tim was beating up Minni - Minni however was sitting on our setee, I thought it was Betsy who was sitting in the Mill - no it was a third Black cat - dadadadum!

On top of that the padlock off the stable mysterously disappeared a few days ago and today the heater fell off of Barabaras wall hav ing her question weather there is a poltergiest about - but then there were two really low planes zooming over us today as in enough to make things rattle - I didnt think they were allowed that low :/

But I have to say that the padlock is worrying especially as I swear the other night that someone was tapping on the window but when I finially got up the curage all there was was H and He sitting on the window sill and wormery looking over towards the padock.

In fact this had me so shock that today when I kept hearing someone knocking and getting to the door and finding no one there I started to really panic - but it had just been Barabara being to impatient and going off and gardening up on the lawn bit thinking she would see me if I came to the door!

Of course this all happens on evernings and days when Al isn't here :/ Sigh.

Jean doesn't help by standing up and pointing to the window going 'eye, eye!'

Oh and I apparently saw May bugs tonight - they are large and browny orange and the kittens keep pouncing them. I mean large.

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