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The visit to Suttons Mill went well; we helped with the party, then stayed around for a few days afterwards.

Suttons Mill is where Alaric's Snell grandparents raised their children - Alaric's father, aunt, and uncle. So there's lots of interesting Snell family history around; old photographs, Alaric's grandfather's old technical notes on the designs of avionics systems, and so on.

It's a lovely old house; converted from a disused mill in the 1940s, it's all beams and Cotswold stone, nestling in a valley with the stream tinkling past it... we both enjoy visiting there, so we were pretty taken aback when Barbara asked if we'd like to take it over in a few years!

Now, we'd been rather glum up until then about the sorry state of the housing market. A place with outbuildings for Alaric to do casting and metalwork, where we could have cats, and a nice garden, and lots of space, was going to be out of our reach for decades. Or so we thought.

Wow. Wowowowow.

Sarah ought to have finished her PhD by then, and Alaric works from home, and the Mill is within a short drive of a train station that can take you to and from London in an hour or so, so the only potential difficulty with relocating is going to be whether the village has decent broadband by then! Apparently there's some kind of satellite broadband in operation, but that sounds a bit high-latency for an SSH connection...

We shall see.


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