Life’s gonna be hectik! (by )

Well after my year out to relax and sort out hospital stuff (which subsequentally got hijacked by wedding and DofE, not to Little Shop of Horrors, volunteer stuff at the nhm and working at the draeded Union) I am throwing my self back into the melee with two A'levels in Maths and Physics during the day and more nhm stuff (mmmmmmmmmmm Impact Lithologies), and a part time Masters course in the evernings.

Its a Masters of Research at Birbeck based at UCL and it deals with the areas I think I'm weak in such as actually using the analytical equipment which I've only just started using at the nhm, and how to write research proposals etc... I will become a proper scientist even if it means I have to go over to the dark side (physics) I will bend them to my will! HaHaHa!!!

Astrobiology here I come ready or not.

Unfortunatly just to hamper things a little I have to go to the hospital ever Monday at the mo cos they've given up on me 🙁

I however have not so I do the theapy because its usseful if painful, but to that I'm no stranger. It's helping but it won't do anything for the main problem, i.e. why the hell does it sound like I'm changing gear badly every time I move my shoulder!

Its so loud and stuff now that people have got freaked on trains and moved 🙁 but sometimes lets face it thats a bonus! 🙂

And just becuase I enjoy a challenge I have just decided to start back at Thriftwood, just come back in fact, though I'm starting slow (well I'm not stupid) so I just did 3 hours of archery instruction with a leakey to do my bidding, yar mule mule!

Next weeks my first full week so we'll see if, as always I've bitten of more than I can chew!?!

Oh bugger I suppose I'd best start a pub quiz as that starts again next week as well! (Sleep, sleep must now for I know not when I may again!)

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  • By Flo, Wed 13th Oct 2004 @ 11:02 am

    Well done old girl sounds exciting! Get in touch_have lost track of what your email is and have lots to tell you about, esp my new job! Luv

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