New welded tongs (by )

Today my mate Mike and I made new crucible tongs.

Check out my dodgy welds:

New tongs

New crucible tongs, in the act of grasping a crucible

The tongs are great. As you can see, they provide a ring to support the weight of the crucible at the bottom, as well as arms around the top to prevent it from toppling. If it hadn't started to rain, they would also have little lugs protruding inwards just above the rim of the crucible, to mean it can't slide upwards when we're shaking the last few drops out.

However, one small problem - they don't quite fit around the crucible in the furnce. Doh!

One solution will be to raise the crucible in the furnace, since the furnace is wider towards the top. Or (my current favourite) to slice the furnace across the base, so the walls of the furnace can be lifted away to reveal a crucible sitting on a nice level platform, ripe for the plucking.


  • By Adrian Parker, Mon 3rd Jan 2005 @ 10:11 am


    I am searching for a supplier of decent crucibles for my home foundry. Where did you get yours from?


    Adrian Parker

  • By Dane Britton, Mon 1st Jun 2015 @ 5:11 pm

    I'm looking for a CRCIBLE about 2in. I.D. and about 5in. long. Where do I start looking ?????

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