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Well, I've had a busy month, with nothing interesting enough to blog about for a while...

However, today a nice parcel arrived: my Pod Belt.

You see, a few years ago, I was famed for wearing my "coat of many pockets" - one of those black military waistcoats often worn by fishermen, festooned with pockets.

However, I began to worry that the weight of it was mainly being supported by my neck, which tended to pull me into a slump, so I stopped wearing it and instead tried to make do with fitting things into normal pockets, and a big bag I carried around. MUCH less fun.

But now I have a deluxe Pod Belt - I have more pockets than I can shake a stick at, and all the weight carried comfortably and evenly around my waist! The pods are easily moved and swapped (I've found that I can fit all of my pods on the belt at once... if I want to need to reach round behind me to get to some of them; but I don't have enough posessions to fill all those pouches at once!)

So I'm keeping some of the pods in reserve, for special assignments (I have a water carrier pod, which I'll only wear when going for long walks, for example).

I must say the organiser pod is great. It has two zipped pouches at the back, and one small pouch on the front. But if you undo the clasp and lift the top, there's a really big pouch inside with easy hand access (it's not tight). And if you then undo a little velcro catch, the front of the pod hinges out down one side to reveal a load of little compartments like inside a wallet, plus a zipped pouch and a pen holder.


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  • By Ella, Thu 11th Nov 2004 @ 10:18 am

    So that's where it came from. It's cool but I think you should have gotten the red plasticy girl suit too!

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