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I've been to two Halloween parties this weekend 🙂 The first I dressed as a deamond with a red wig of straight hair, with two little horns sticking out the top. The rest of the outfit was my red corest and red flare tousers!

Al went as a canabil 🙂 Black clothes, long lank hair and lots of fake blood, not to mention the knife and fork!

It was great fun with a devil or two, Aoife as the most gourgous pirate ever, fallen angles and a faceless man, not to mention the spider and little red riding hood, but the prize had to go to Carina's Goth fairy! (ok, ok so it was just Carina with Aoife's wond) 🙂

Much merryment was had!

On the way home on the tube some guy sat opposite me , Al and Carina had his phone out at some very suspect angles for some time, Al came to the same conclusion as us, that he was probably taking 'sly' photos, not sure why or which on of us he was picturing.

Anyway, today we went to mandrake themed party!!! The story goes that people used to think the Mandrake was a little human thing (them being a parsnip type root veg with a split that looks like legs) that when you pulled it out of the ground screamed horribly cos it was dying and anyone who was within ear shot would be killed. However, the root is a natural anaestetics and was used for occult purposes, so they would tie a dog to it and walk away so they where out of ear shot and then call the dog. Alaric therefore was a Mandrake and I was a dog 🙂

The party had a wicked vegatable feel to it with carved marrows and spooky beans, brain like veg and parsnips with creepy faces (al painted these i did the beans).

They party was in full swing but we had to leave, last train n all 🙁 On the way home we became the scrutiny of a couple of teenage 'chunky', lesbians who again held they're cameras at suspicous angles, they also felt that they had to keep a running commentry up on what every I was doing (some of which I felt intimidated by) 🙁 , and didn't seem entirely sure on Als gender, they also yelled stuff at us, that we did'nt understand. I know I was dressed as a dog but why it cuased that reaction I don't know?

Oh well time for bed

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  • By Ben, Thu 4th Nov 2004 @ 5:18 pm

    Have you got any photos?

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