Jewish Wedding and Fire works (by )

Its been another bizzy weekend, especially as I accidently slept till 5:30 Firday and missed my physics and maths classes 🙁

Friday night was Ellas fire works party thing in Surrey Keys 🙂 This involved me trying to tickel people such as Dave and Toby to death, having random conversations and eating lots of chocolate and popcorn. Then to top it all of there where fireworks and sparklers and a bomfire (ok well the BBQ with some wood on but hey it's fire mmmmmmmm... we like fire), even if we where all taking bets on the life expectancy of the Landlady/firework lighter and later our selves as she through some live fireworks onto the fire and decided to do unplaned juggling with another (well it sort of started to go off in her hand so she threw it!). Who gave her the vodka? 🙂

They also had the cutest ferrets in the world which Al decided where ewokes 🙂

You know its a good party when you spend copious amounts of time staring into lava lamps and plasma tubes, have random conversations, throw up, see fire works lite from the burning bucket, and someone falls threw the roof!!! 🙂

Ok who let me eat the sugar?

Well that was Friday, we got back to the flate in the wee hours and where up bright and early to go to the campsite, where we instructed Air Rifles (well me and Katy did, the boys where our lackeys, yar mule yar!).

This was followed by a shopping expedition where I spent too much money on cloths! Well we did have a wedding to go to and then there where the cheap butterfly tops and the nice purple shirt and tie for Al. I was bad and spent £100 of Als money on two skirts (one black swooshy one and one denim one), a top for the wedding (unfortunatly it has a baby pink ribbon along the top though it is black-all the tops that where nice shapes and nice material had some pink on somewhere, why!? its not fair I had to wear pink, baby pink, and then colour coordinate, yuk! but worse of all it sutied me, wail lament, bring on the purple), a fluffy butterfly jumper, a long sleeved tie died butterfly top, a black bra and the shirt for Al, oh and some tights.


More to come 🙂

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